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The pandemic changed many things about the restaurant industry, including food delivery. Many establishments implemented no-contact delivery to protect customers and employees — an option that’s still popular with diners today. If your restaurant can find a sustainable way to offer contactless delivery service, it can expand your customer base and boost your order volume.

That’s where Grubhub comes in. When you list your restaurant on Grubhub Marketplace, customers can order for takeout, traditional delivery, or no-contact delivery on the Grubhub food delivery app or your restaurant’s online ordering website. The best part? You don’t need to hire new employees or change your workflow significantly; just pack orders in your usual containers and Grubhub’s delivery drivers will take care of the rest.

What is no-contact delivery?

No-contact delivery — also referred to as contactless delivery — is a way of delivering food without physical contact. Instead of handing the food to the person, drivers leave the food outside the customer’s door or in a designated spot in the lobby. Once the food delivery is complete, the restaurant sends customer notifications via text or email so they can retrieve the order quickly.

When you use Grubhub delivery, everything happens in the app. It handles credit card or debit card payments, records the delivery address, sends orders to your restaurant, and tracks delivery personnel using GPS. No matter which of the Grubhub delivery options the customer chooses, they’ll receive notifications at every stage of the delivery process.

Benefits of no-contact delivery

Grubhub makes it easy for your restaurant to offer no-contact food and beverage delivery — the feature is built into the system, so you can enable it quickly. Keep in mind that alcohol doesn’t qualify for contactless delivery; Grubhub drivers are required to check IDs when delivering alcoholic drinks.

Benefits of offering contactless delivery at your restaurant include:

  • Reduced spread of germs. By reducing interaction between restaurant employees and customers, contactless delivery helps reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. This is particularly helpful for respiratory illnesses, where germs spread through the air.
  • Convenience and flexibility. When they don’t need to answer the door, customers have more flexibility to retrieve their food delivery orders at a time that works best for them. They can even specify their drop-off location and provide additional delivery instructions right in the Grubhub app. A contactless delivery option can be a lifesaver for people who are working from home, talking on the phone, or caring for family members. 
  • Customized food delivery service. Your customers all want different things — and sometimes, they simply aren’t in the mood for human contact. When you offer the Grubhub no-contact delivery option, diners can tailor the experience to their individual needs and preferences.
  • Competitive advantage. Not all restaurants use no-contact delivery. By providing this delivery service for your guests, you automatically have an advantage over competitors who don’t. It’s an easy way to appeal to a larger audience and gain new customers who are interested in contactless options.
  • Efficient deliveries. When the delivery person doesn’t need to wait for the customer to receive the order, it reduces delivery time.

No-contact delivery FAQs 

How do Grubhub delivery drivers help maintain food quality?

Grubhub delivery drivers are trained in proper food handling to maintain the integrity of your customers’ orders. They treat food with care to ensure each restaurant meal looks and tastes its best, whether the customer orders traditional or contactless delivery.

They transport meals in Grubhub’s special insulated delivery bags, which are designed to keep food at the correct hot or cold temperature. The bags also help control moisture, so food stays fresher in transit.

Can a Grubhub delivery person handle special delivery requests?

Yes — when a customer is placing an order on the Grubhub app or website, they have an opportunity to add specific contactless delivery requests. They might provide the driver with a front door code, explain how to find the building, or request a specific drop-off location. These notes are easy for drivers to find, enabling them to offer a contactless delivery experience that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Want to raise the bar when it comes to your restaurant’s no-contact delivery? Get started with Grubhub today!