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Leverage smart, personalized, and free-to-use marketing tools to create tailored promotions diners love.

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Do you know your marketing ROI?

Other marketing tools leave you in the dark. Ours help you get the results you want and track your progress along the way. 

In fact, for the duration of a new customer promotion, restaurants see on average 72% more new customers on Grubhub when running promotions.*

Maximize your visibility and exposure on Grubhub Marketplace

Smart Promotions and Loyalty tools leverage customer data in a way that’s proven to increase orders and attract more customers.

Personalize your marketing goals

Powered by smart analytics, Promotions tools take the guesswork out of marketing. Choose recommended offer values and targeting criteria– or make adjustments to your liking!

Create tailored promotions diners love

Reach the right customers by creating personalized offers such as % off, free item, or free delivery. Even create limited-time offers to delight your customers during holidays and cultural moments.

Stand out & drive more orders

See an immediate boost in visibility when launching promotions- restaurants that run promotions see 2x impressions compared to those without promotions.


During the duration of the new customer promotion, restaurants see on average 27% more orders, according to Grubhub data. 


Of consumers would switch restaurants if they saw a good deal.***

Promoting your restaurant made easy

Once you join Grubhub, launching a Smart Promotion or loyalty program is as simple as 1-2-3.

the number 1

Choose your goal

Whether you want to attract new customers, bring customers back, , promote large orders or specific menu items, goals are easy to choose from.

number 2

Decide on your budget

Rely on our smart recommendation, or edit values to choose how much you’d like to invest each month.  and we’ll allocate it each month. The tool Our tools automatically adjust to help find the best ROI for your business.

the number 3

Learn, optimize, and repeat

Comprehensive reporting in your dashboard makes it easy to understand promotion effectiveness. Track and fine-tune at any time to maximize your ROI- our smart analytics will do the same to continuously improve recommendations. 

Gain more visibility

Grubhub works in a variety of ways to help you market to your customers. Here’s how:

People will see your promos featured in the Grubhub app and search results, and on your menu page.

Grubhub Perks tab

Our popular Rewards tab on our Grubhub app will automatically feature the points you’ve earned and notify you when you can cash in for discounts and other rewards.

We frequently email customers to encourage them to order from restaurants like yours. Anytime Grubhub features your restaurant in marketing campaigns, your promotions will be highlighted along with your brand, giving customers more reasons to order.

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* Restaurant performance metrics based on 2019 Grubhub data. ** Technomic Inc. “Restaurant Insights” survey (2019) in partnership with Grubhub (n=40). Proportion of respondents who rank Grubhub No. 1 (most satisfied) as a strong partner for business. *** Grubhub data from our 2023 National Food Holiday Calendar

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