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Serving restaurants is our specialty. Serving the community is our passion.

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Recent community work

Restaurant industry roundtables

Our restaurant roundtables bring industry leaders together to share insights on issues of importance to restaurants today.

On September 1, Greg Hill, founder of the Restaurant Strong Fund, discussed with other restaurant leaders how to move their businesses forward in this post-pandemic era.

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During Pride Month, some of our LGBTQ+ restaurant partners chatted with Whembley Sewell, editor in chief of them, about creating places of diversity and contributing to their communities.

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In a roundtable with Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) restaurant leaders, Chiling Tong, CEO of the AAPI Chamber of Commerce, led a discussion about the power of food to bring people of different cultures together.

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Grubhub’s Donate the Change program

Since launching in 2018, Grubhub’s Donate the Change program has given our diners an easy and powerful way to support charitable causes and public interest organizations across the country. Thanks to the generosity of our diners and Grubhub’s match, we’ve raised over $40 million.

Over the years, we’ve supported organizations including No Kid Hungry, World Central Kitchen, Restaurant Strong Fund, National ACE, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and more. Explore details on our current support efforts, access COVID-19 resources and learn more about our partner charity organizations here.

Grubhub Driver Grant Program

We created the Grubhub Driver Grant Program to support Grubhub delivery drivers who are creating meaningful change in their communities through education, civic engagement and philanthropic work. So far we’ve awarded $10,000 grants to 30 recipients.


Grubhub founded RestaurantHER in 2018 to help female chefs and culinary leaders navigate and overcome barriers to success. Fewer than 7% of head chefs are women. We hope to help change that inequality through RestaurantHER, a home for women-led restaurants and their inspiring stories.

Learn more at RestaurantHER

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