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From special events and holiday parties to office lunches and home gatherings, the $8 billion restaurant catering industry is booming.

This lucrative market holds the potential for many restauranteurs to create additional revenue streams and reach new customers. Here are some reasons you should consider adding catering services to your restaurant’s offerings:

More Exposure For Your Restaurant

Catering allows you to introduce your cuisine to groups of new people. Some may be familiar with your restaurant but never had the occasion to try your food. Or, this may be the first time they’ve ever heard of your restaurant.

Grubhub reports that the majority of employees who try new food at a catered office meal will visit that restaurant in the future, making it easy to win over new customers.

Catering can be more persuasive in attracting new customers than traditional advertising, which relies on messaging. Catering, on the other hand, wins over potential customers through first-hand experiences. Prospects won’t need to be convinced your food is good—they’ll know by tasting it. The best part? You’re being paid to reach these new customers!

Another Way to Make Customers Happy

Today, people have less time to prepare meals, and crave more convenience and options. This is true for their daily meals, as well as entertaining and corporate events.

By offering catering services, you can provide party planners a stress-free way to feed guests and co-workers.

What’s more, if you partner with Grubhub, customers can place their catering orders online, wherever they are and from any device.

Increase Your Revenue

Catering generates an entirely new segment of sales—sometimes with higher profit margins than regular restaurant sales. This is especially around holidays and special occasions when catering services are in higher demand.

With catering, you are fulfilling orders for large groups of people. Also, for special events, people are more inclined to splurge on bigger ticket items and a variety of food to please all of their guests.

What’s more, with the ability to buy in bulk, you can get the best prices on ingredients and supplies. If you price your catering menu correctly (taking supplies, delivery, etc. into account), your prices can reflect the premium service you are providing. Customers are usually willing to pay for convenience, reliability and value for special occasions.

Also, the Catering on Grubhub platform makes participating restaurants viewable to an extensive database of corporate accounts. This creates opportunities for large (and often repeat) corporate sales.

Technology Makes it Easy to Implement

Advanced catering management software can help restauranteurs run a successful catering operation without negatively affecting other aspects of their business.

For instance, Grubhub can help restaurants receive and process catering orders easily. Orders can be received through emails, Internet-connected devices, or other methods. Also, detailed ordering confirmations from Grubhub help managers plan, schedule staff and accurately prepare orders.

Remember, while adding catering to your restaurant is a big step, the potential for increased profits is even bigger.

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