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Crafting a perfect food delivery experience requires strategy and efficient execution. After restaurants build a menu and whip up delicious dishes, they turn to delivery drivers to get their food to customers. 

But what really happens when restaurants hand off their packaged orders to drivers?

At Grubhub, we understand how restaurants trust our drivers to deliver their orders to diners. That’s why we are introducing the driver part of our team to let restaurants know how we prioritize food safety, and quality as dishes make their way to hungry customers.

How does Grubhub Delivery work?

1. Customer places an order

The delivery process begins when a customer places an order on the Grubhub app. When they place an order, a customer can add special instructions about preparing and delivering the order. You will be able to view these special instructions when the order comes in on your Grubhub for Restaurants app.

2. The restaurant accepts and prepares orders

After an order is placed at your restaurant, you will immediately receive a notification via email or the Grubhub for Restaurants app. You can manage and view orders through your Grubhub tablet or your own device. Additionally, we offer POS integration with popular POS providers. Learn more here.  

While your chefs are busy preparing an order, the Grubhub app will automatically find a driver who can deliver the order when it’s ready.

Before you finish putting together an order, make sure you package each item correctly. Use containers that fit the size and temperature of your dishes, and be sure to seal each container tightly. Our drivers are instructed not to open packaging for food safety reasons, so it’s up to you to check the food one final time before it’s ready to go.

Learn more about delivery and takeout packaging best practices here.

3. The driver accepts and picks up the order

Timing delivery is essential in ensuring food safety and quality. That’s why you can expect Grubhub delivery drivers to be quick and efficient when they pick up the orders that you prepare. Jeff LaPadula, general manager of P.S. Kitchen in New York City, has noticed how the Grubhub Delivery drivers in his area are punctual and attentive when accepting deliveries.

“When we mark something is ready for delivery– a Grubhub Delivery driver is here within minutes, and this helps keep our customers happy as well as protects our food quality,” Jeff said.

To make your delivery process more efficient, we recommend using materials from your free Grubhub Welcome Kit to signal where your pickup area is so drivers can easily find where to go.

4. The Grubhub Driver delivers order

Once a driver secures an order from your restaurant, they will follow directions on the Grubhub for Drivers app to the diner’s delivery location. While our drivers have different ways to reach their destination — some in their cars and some on bikes –their routes are optimized to get food to diners as quickly as possible and ensure food safety. 

At Grubhub, we use data analytics and personalized advice from account support to help your restaurant create delivery zone boundaries that optimize your customer reach while protecting food quality.

The final step is to bring the order to the customer’s door. After this handoff is complete, the driver will mark the finished order on their Grubhub for Drivers app so that you can be confident that your meal made it to the diner.

Protecting your restaurant on the road

We know restaurants put time into crafting mouthwatering dishes, which is why we employ professional delivery drivers. 

Grubhub drivers use Grubhub insulated delivery bags to ensure temperature control and food safety throughout the delivery. Insulated delivery bags maintain dishes’ temperature while controlling moisture to preserve freshness. They also help prevent orders from getting jostled around during transit.

To protect the safety of our customers, drivers, and restaurant partners during the pandemic, we offer customers the ability to choose contact-free delivery and curbside pickup. 

With contact-free delivery, customers can request their order be placed at a specified delivery location without interaction. As a restaurant partner, you can select curbside pickup, enabling you to limit contact inside your restaurant by giving an order to a delivery driver. 

No matter what delivery methods you choose, you can ensure our drivers can properly deliver your food while following proper hygiene procedures.

Learn more about our contact-free delivery program here.

The faces behind our delivery fleet

Who’s behind the wheel taking your orders to hungry diners? Our drivers are members of your communities who are looking to serve restaurants through flexible schedules. 

All drivers are professionals who go through background checks and are vetted by Grubhub before they start delivering. But, most importantly, they are people who care about successfully and safely delivering food to diners.

Chad is a Grubhub Driver, smiling and using food safety best practices in his job

Chad, a 26-year-old artist from Chicago, uses the flexibility as a Grubhub Driver to support his family while continuing his passion for art.

Chad sees driving for Grubhub as more than just a clock-in and clock-out job. He appreciates the interactions he has with restaurateurs and customers alike.

So what does Chad tell other drivers? “Always be respectful to restaurant workers. They play an important role in this world of delivery. And sometimes, you might even get free food!”

38-year-old Martiecita delivers for Grubhub around her full-time job. Martiecita is a former bartender who turned to delivery when the pandemic hit, so she understands the ins and outs of the restaurant industry. As a single mother, driving for Grubhub allows Martiecita to spend time with her daughter while making extra cash. 

Grubhub Driver delivering with food safety best practices

Bring your restaurant’s dishes to hungry customers with Grubhub Delivery

At Grubhub, protecting your restaurant’s dishes on the road remains our top priority. We’ve fine-tuned our delivery process and given restaurateurs and drivers the tools to make seamless deliveries.

Our drivers are professionals you can trust to deliver your food following food safety best practices.

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