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Join Grubhub for Restaurants and together, we’ll reach new customers in and around Philadelphia and increase your takeout and delivery sales.

The proof is in the pudding: Proven to bring in hungry Philadelphian diners

When Philadelphia restaurants like you partner with Grubhub, the orders — and new customers — start rolling in:

  • Nearly 9 out of 10 independent restaurant operators who use Grubhub agree that Grubhub Marketplace provides a new and additional marketing channel, allowing the restaurant to reach new customers, which is higher than the competitor average.*
  • +52% of the Grubhub orders restaurants receive in the first 6 months after joining Grubhub come from new diners.*

“Grubhub is actually a partner.”

Spencer Phillips, Scoop DeVille

Found at the heart of Philly, Scoop DeVille delivers its soft-serve to customers all over the city with the help of Grubhub.

Helping your business is our business

Whether you’re located in Center City or South Philly, there are a lot of restaurants vying for customers’ attention. When you partner with Grubhub for Restaurants, you get instant access to tens of millions diners excited to find their new favorite local spot.

Become a Grubhub merchant to reach new Philadelphians and increase your delivery and pickup orders today — it’s free and easy to get started.

Whether you need a delivery service for your corner market or desire top-of-the-line restaurant delivery for your family-owned shop, Grubhub for Restaurants has you covered.

Reach Philadelphians

Over 80% of independent restaurants agree that Grubhub for Restaurants increases customer frequency.*

*Source 2022 Technomic Report

Increase delivery and takeout sales

Get access to easy and free-to-use promotions and loyalty tools, no matter where you are in Philadelphia.

Simplify your food delivery service with industry-leading technology

7 in 10 independent operators rank Grubhub highest among leading delivery platforms for its technology capabilities.*

*Source 2022 Technomic Report

Gain expert support whenever you need it

Gain free support from real industry experts, including a 24/7 customer care team and dedicated Account Success Managers.

Calling all Philly restaurants: Here’s how Grubhub works

Sign up for free

Tell us about your local restaurant and we’ll get you set up online. Choose your own flexible pricing option with no up-front costs or long-term commitment. You also have the option of driving customers to your own branded commission-free ordering website with Grubhub Direct.

List your menu on Grubhub Marketplace

Once you’ve signed up to be a Grubhub merchant, your restaurant will start appearing on, and other mobile food delivery apps.

Watch the orders roll in

Easily manage and fulfill pickup and delivery orders with the complimentary tablet or on your own device. You’ll receive payment for orders placed by Grubhub customers.

Whichever neighborhood you’re in, we have order fulfillment options

Your local restaurant will be listed on Grubhub Marketplace, where Philadelphians can choose meal delivery or takeout.

For delivery orders, you can choose our drivers or your own. Fill out the form to get started and choose which type of meal delivery service you prefer: Grubhub delivery or self-delivery.

Boost your restaurant sales with Grubhub

Try our restaurant profit calculator to see for yourself what joining the ranks of successful Grubhub partners could mean for your business. Ready to start boosting orders now? Click here to get started.

Don’t leave money on the table

The faster you partner with Grubhub, the faster your business can grow.

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