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Drive commission-free orders with an online ordering experience designed for your restaurant

If you’re a restaurant or business owner on Grubhub Marketplace, that means you gain instant access to Grubhub Direct — your very own branded online ordering site.

Grubhub Direct is a branded online ordering platform that can integrate with your existing website. That’s why every site includes the tools that businesses need, like built-in digital ordering and delivery, automatic online menu updates and more.

And the best part? You won’t pay any additional fees whatsoever — all eligible Marketplace restaurants can join Grubhub Direct free of charge.

Online ordering that’s truly yours

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  • Direct customer reach

    Download customer data for free and market your business to customers via email, social media or however you decide.

  • 1-to-1 customer relationships

    Learn how to better engage your customers, foster a community and build relationships leveraging customer data.

  • Branded customer experience

    Create a digital ordering and delivery experience personalized to your business’s look and feel.

  • Quick and easy management

    Automatically import your online menu and business info from your existing Grubhub account and kick start your online ordering process.

Own your data

Leverage immediate, automatic, free-of-charge access to customer data profiles, including contact info, order history and more — all managed in a single dashboard through the Merchant Portal. Use this data to expand your reach, market your business and drive customer loyalty.

Launching your Grubhub Direct site is as easy as 1‑2‑3

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We import your menu, photos and logo from Grubhub Marketplace into Grubhub Direct so you don’t have to.

number 2


Use our intuitive site styler to design the online ordering experience that best represents your brand — no hidden fees guarantee.

the number 3


Spread the word about your Grubhub Direct site through social media, your website or Google Business and skip the delivery, hosting and commission fees.

Customize your online ordering site with our free-to-use site styler

Drive customer engagement and maximize order volume with an online ordering experience that matches your brand personality.

Grow your business with tailored promotions

Foster a community of loyal diners by using our powerful marketing tools to reach your audience and grow your business. We’ll automatically let your customers know when they’re eligible for promotions by displaying a rewards banner on your menu landing page.

However you decide to promote your business, you’re both engaging new customers and feeding your loyal fanbase. In fact, more than 80% of independent operators agree that Grubhub is a trusted partner that can help grow the restaurant’s digital presence and online ordering strategy.*

Update your Google Business Profile in your Merchant Portal

With Grubhub Direct’s Google integration, you can easily turn Google searches into customers. On average Grubhub Direct restaurants who have linked their Grubhub Direct site to their Business Profile see 18x more average daily orders via their Grubhub Direct site than those who do not link their Business Profile.*

*Data compares average daily orders on the Grubhub Direct platform during the period from 05/25/2021 to 08/09/2022. The foregoing statements are intended to serve as illustrative examples and are not guarantees of performance. No representation or guarantees of performance are made herein.


Of the new customers acquired via a promotion, 20% will reorder from that restaurant within six months.*

Drive more commission-free orders by marketing your Grubhub Direct Site

Grubhub Direct pricing and fees

As a Grubhub Marketplace customer, you can join Grubhub Direct with all hosting, commission and delivery fees waived!

Access to your customer data and promotional programs are also included at no cost. Only pay order processing fees on a per order basis — all other costs go straight to your bottom line.

How to maximize the power of Direct

The Direct Success Playbook

Learn how to effectively drive traffic and maximize the potential of Direct, your commission-free ordering site.

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Build our technology into your existing experience

Already have your own branded website or food delivery app? No problem. We make it simple to add Direct capabilities such as mobile ordering, delivery, order tracking, promotions and more with our easily integrated API solutions.

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*Restaurant performance metrics based on 2021 Grubhub data.

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