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Establishing a strong online presence is key to reaching hungry customers and increasing your restaurant sales. Modern customers flock online to research restaurants, browse menus, and place an order. In fact, 77% of diners said they are likely to visit a restaurant’s website before they dine. 

If diners are searching for your restaurant online, you need to have the capability to capture takeout and delivery orders through your own website and social media profiles. With an easy-to-use online ordering system, you can convert an interested customer into a paying diner and grow your online presence.

Finding the best online ordering system for your restaurant can be overwhelming as you navigate the seemingly countless providers. Read on for insight into online ordering systems and tips to help you evaluate what online ordering system fits your business’s unique needs.

What is an online ordering system?

An online ordering system, also known as an online ordering website, enables you to take takeout and delivery orders directly from your customers online. 

Restaurants can integrate an online ordering system into their website and capture takeout and delivery sales directly from their customers.

By offering your customers the ability to order takeout and delivery directly from you you are able to add an additional revenue stream and positively impact your restaurant’s profitability. 

But beyond the financial benefit, providing customers the opportunity to order online directly from you can help you increase diner loyalty while simultaneously reducing order errors. It also allows diners to place an order from a distance and pick up at their convenience as they adjust to post-pandemic operations.

How much is an online ordering system?

Some online ordering providers charge steep processing fees or lock you into a monthly plan. As you look for the right online ordering system for your restaurant, you want to choose one that doesn’t have setup and web hosting fees, and most importantly don’t charge commission on each order. This way you can put that money back into growing your business.

What to look for in an online ordering system

The ability to take orders directly from your customers – 100% commission-free

When you put the effort into creating your own online ordering system, there shouldn’t be any financial hoops to jump through. Your ordering platform should allow you to accept delivery and takeout orders 100% commission-free. After all, you are the one driving traffic and orders to your site.

Easy-to-use marketing and promotional tools

Creating your own online ordering system means you are in control of how you reach customers, but this shouldn’t be a feat you tackle on your own. Look for an online ordering website that offers you easy-to-use marketing and promotional tools that you can use to cater directly to your customers and encourage them to place orders directly from you.

Access to your customer data

Information about customers’ contact details, order history, and preferences should be right at your fingertips. That way you can utilize this information to customize your ordering experience and market directly to your customers.

Your online ordering system should make your life easier, not harder

It should offer accessible menu integration, account management, and easy-to-use interfaces so you can update your information with a couple of clicks.

It’s also important that your online ordering partner is there for you as you run your site. Look for a partner that has strong account advising support and resources to guide you through managing your site.

Brand your online ordering experience

Every restaurant has its own personality, and that uniqueness should shine in your online ordering system. Loyal diners should recognize your restaurant’s look, and new customers should get a feel for what your restaurant stands for.

Incorporating your restaurant’s personality into your online ordering system should be easy. Look for an online ordering system that lets you control the look and feel of the user interface. That means the ability to customize fonts, colors, and images across your site.

Independent restaurants using Grubhub Direct

Ready to take charge of your restaurant’s online ordering?

Look no further than Grubhub Direct, a branded online ordering solution that lets you take commission-free orders from your customers on a website designed just for your restaurant.

With Grubhub Direct, you can:

Market directly to your audience with access to promotion and loyalty programs.

Access customer data through an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you automatic access to a personal profile for each customer.

Customize your Grubhub Direct site so that your online ordering system fits your brand. We’ll automatically add your menu and location info so you can have your site up and running in minutes.

Manage your account quickly and easily on your Grubhub Marketplace settings that are backed by live customer service team members who understand your restaurant.

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a restaurant owner setting up their Grubhub Direct website