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What is order accuracy rate?

Order accuracy: This is defined as the amount of accurate orders. Accurate orders can be maintained by ensuring that orders include all ingredients requested by the customer, including all requested dishes within an order, including utensils and napkins when requested, confirming that orders are being fulfilled to the right customer, and more.

What can I do to improve this?

  1. Include descriptions in your menu with correct modifiers, sizes, etc. to ensure that there’s little room for error
  2. Triple check your orders for accuracy and for special instructions, when prepping, packing, and handing off to your driver
  3. Update your menu regularly for out of stock ingredients/items in GFR
  4. Reach out to our Restaurant Care Team to set up a game plan to improve your restaurant’s order accuracy rate

Why should I care?

Order accuracy is extremely important when it comes to customer satisfaction. When your diners continue to receive what they order, they will more likely order from your restaurant again and leave your restaurant a positive review. 

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