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This article is only applicable to Grubhub delivery restaurants. If your restaurant does not utilize Grubhub delivery, this information does not currently apply to you.

What is food on-time rate?

Food on-time rate: This is defined as drive wait time- the number of minutes and seconds a driver waits for a customer’s order to be ready for delivery. 

This measurement tells you how long drivers wait for their order, which contributes to a customer’s overall wait time and satisfaction. While restaurants cannot control every factor that affects a customer’s order wait time, there are many things you can do to improve driver wait time

What can I do to improve this?

  1. Adjust and confirm your prep time per order in your GFR account
  2. Ensure your restaurant is staffed for any influx in orders
  3. Hit “order ready” in your GFR account to ensure a seamless delivery
  4. Reach out to our Restaurant Care Team to set up a game plan to improve your restaurant’s order on-time rate

Why should I care?

The less time a customer waits for their order, the more likely they are to be happy with their experience. Our data shows that on-time orders equal happier customers, and happy customers are more likely to be repeat customers. 

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