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Sunny Miami has its fair share of restaurants, making it a competitive market for your establishment to operate in. If you’re hoping to capture more business from both locals and tourists, it might be time to start looking for the best third-party delivery in Miami and Miami Beach. These services streamline takeout and delivery so you can fulfill more orders and provide a convenient customer experience. 

What to look for in a third-party delivery partner

Third-party food delivery services are an alternative to traditional in-house delivery. Instead of hiring and scheduling drivers, accepting orders over the phone and online, and managing delivery logistics yourself, you can simply outsource it to a separate company. They take care of finding customers, processing payments, assigning delivery drivers, and tracking orders — all you have to do is accept and pack the order.

Your restaurant’s food delivery partner is effectively a representative of your brand, so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Reach. Research how many users the service has. More existing customers gives your restaurant a bigger reach, which can help increase order volume and brand awareness in Miami and around the United States.
  • Fees. Third-party food delivery services always charge a fee; it covers things such as technology, driver payments, and administrative costs. Before you sign up, make sure you understand how much you’ll pay and what you’ll receive in return. Look into the pricing structure, too. For example, will you pay a flat percentage, or does the system offer a per-mile delivery service fee?
  • Overall reputation. Read reviews of the food delivery platform. What’s the general opinion of the service? How do people talk about it online? Because your restaurant will be associated with it, it’s important to choose a partner that’s generally well-regarded.

Bear in mind that some third-party food delivery services require their restaurant partners to meet specific criteria. Before you can sign up for Grubhub, Delivery Dudes, or Uber Eats, for example, your business must be located in an area where the food delivery app is active, such as South Beach, greater Miami Beach, or downtown Miami.

Benefits of partnering with Grubhub

Grubhub is one of the leading third-party delivery services in Miami. We work with successful restaurants in Miami Beach and across South Florida to grow their businesses and build a strong, loyal customer base. Each of our valued restaurant partners gains access to fast, professional food delivery and a few key business-building benefits.

Menu management

With Grubhub, it’s a breeze to create a menu. With just a few clicks, you can upload your restaurant’s existing menu, edit the dishes to suit your delivery service, and start accepting food delivery orders from customers. Of course, you always have the freedom to upload beautiful new photos, edit menu descriptions, and adjust when certain dishes are available.

Planning to integrate Grubhub with your point-of-sale (POS) system? When you make a menu update in the POS, the changes will automatically be pushed out to your Grubhub menu.


New to food delivery services? When you register your Miami restaurant with Grubhub, you’ll automatically go through an onboarding process. During this period, you’ll learn how to upload your menu, set the delivery area, choose a pricing structure, and more. Plus, we’ll let you in on important tips and best practices that can help you get started quickly and maximize our platform to benefit your business.

POS integration

Grubhub is designed to integrate with most major POS systems to minimize the disruption to your operation. Instead of managing food delivery orders on a separate tablet and kitchen display, orders flow smoothly into your existing system. That means you can start accepting and processing Grubhub orders quickly and with minimal additional staff training. You can enjoy a single central order management system.

Promotions and marketing

The Grubhub platform comes with a set of free, integrated marketing tools; with just a few clicks, you can create tailored promotions that attract customers’ attention and bring in more orders. You can also set up a loyalty program to reward diners for their repeat business. Curious about how your promotions are working? We also make it easy to track performance, so you can make adjustments and dial in your strategy for maximum results.

Ready to improve delivery and takeout?

As a restaurant owner in Miami, you can choose from a range of third-party restaurant delivery and grocery delivery options. If you’re looking for efficiency, customer experience, and a well-rounded product offering, however, Grubhub is unmatched. Your success is our success; we’re dedicated to helping you improve your restaurant operations and bring in more orders, all without adding expensive overhead. That way, you’re free to keep building the business and preparing delicious, high-quality meals for diners across Miami.Ready to see how it works? Get started with Grubhub today.

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