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Reaching customers takes more than just opening up your door. That’s why restaurants are partnering with third-party delivery service providers like Grubhub. With Grubhub Delivery, customers can place orders from your restaurant and have it arrive quickly- with just a couple of clicks from the Grubhub app. 

Adding delivery to your restaurant instantly allows you to reach more customers and grow your revenue. In fact, 70% of restaurants, on average, say off-premise orders make up a larger percentage of sales than they did pre-pandemic. 

That’s why it’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re getting the most out of your restaurant delivery partner.

Why are restaurants partnering with third-party delivery services providers?

As the demand for food delivery rises, restaurants are partnering with third-party delivery providers, like Grubhub, to help ease delivery operations and reach new customers. Outsourcing your delivery operations can simplify your workflow, building awareness for your restaurant while boosting your revenue. 

Signing your restaurant up for a food delivery app can also give you instant access to customer data so you can track your restaurant’s performance. Learn more about why restaurants are partnering with third-party delivery providers here.

4 tips to optimize your third-party delivery strategy

Signing up for Grubhub Delivery is the first step in building your delivery customer base. But to continue to grow your business and smooth your operations you’re going to need to develop a successful delivery strategy that fits your business’ needs.  Here are four tips to help you get started: 

1. Set the right delivery boundaries

When you set your delivery boundaries be sure to keep food quality top of mind. Keep in mind the following factors that can impact your delivery time:

  • Your location
  • The population density in your area
  • Traffic

When you partner with Grubhub, our algorithm will create multiple delivery boundaries that are calculated based on drive time in your specific market, ensuring your customers receive their meal on time while also protecting the quality of your food.

2. Tailor your Grubhub delivery menu for success

Some food items on your menu are ideal for sit-down customers but won’t make it to the customer’s doorstep in the same delicious condition. Consider creating a menu for takeout and delivery customers that is optimized to withstand the journey to diners’ homes. Swap out items that may melt or fall apart during travel for dishes that are easy to pack. You can even amend less durable ingredients in your popular dishes to create a just as tasty delivery version.

Looking for more tips on how to craft a menu build for delivery? Check out this delivery menu article.

3. Use the right delivery packaging

After you craft the perfect delivery menu, you want to be sure that your dishes can maintain their quality as they reach your diners. While third-party delivery services like Grubhub are committed to protecting your food quality, how the food is packaged plays a critical role in the success of your delivery program. That’s where finding the right food packaging comes in.

There are many materials for food packaging, and different types of dishes travel best in different containers. Plastic and cardboard are go-to’s for larger, warm dishes, while aluminum foil is great for burgers and sandwiches. Customers also value sustainability, so it’s important to evaluate how environmentally friendly your packaging is.

4. Keep your restaurant operations efficient with Grubhub Delivery

A huge benefit of partnering with a third-party delivery service like Grubhub is the operational organization built into the service to tighten up the order processing time. Partnering with Grubhub can cut down your delivery order processing time by more than half. Not only does this increase order accuracy, but it also ensures food gets to your hungry customers much faster.

Additionally, when you use Grubhub for delivery you don’t need to worry about managing and employing your own delivery drivers– making your life, and your restaurant operations, much easier. 

How much does Grubhub Delivery cost?

Grubhub charges a 10% fee for delivery services. With this fee, you not only get the power of our delivery fleet but also:

Professional on-demand delivery drivers

Our drivers are recruited and hired based on their experience and undergo an extensive background check to ensure our delivery service protects the integrity of your menu and brand. We assign each delivery to the most suitable driver based on location and traffic patterns.

Real-time order tracking

Our technology ensures delivery orders are handled quickly and efficiently. When you sign up for delivery we’ll provide you with the technology and support to manage the flow of delivery orders from your tablet, phone, or computer. Additionally, you can monitor orders with real-time GPS tracking.

Reduce your administrative work

Managing drivers, scheduling, payroll, and insurance is a lot of work. When you partner with Grubhub Delivery you can let our systems take the lead on those administrative burdens.

How to get started with Grubhub Delivery

When you sign up for Grubhub you will have the option to select from the following delivery services: 

Grubhub Delivery

With Grubhub Delivery you will get access to our fleet of Grubhub Drivers who will pick up and deliver your orders directly to your customers’ doors in insulated delivery bags. Best part? We take care of coordinating, compensating, and managing the drivers. 

Self Delivery

With self-delivery, you use your own drivers to deliver orders placed on the Grubhub app to your customers. You have control over your delivery boundaries and fees. 

In addition to these order fulfillment options, every restaurant that signs up with Grubhub will automatically have the ability to accept pickup orders from Grubhub customers. 

Ready to get started? Sign up with Grubhub for Restaurants today.

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