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Data is in high demand throughout the restaurant industry. In fact, 78% of restaurateurs look at their metrics and finances on a daily basis.1 Considering the impact that data-driven insights can have on your restaurant — such as increased revenue and improved efficiencies — it might be a good idea to try something similar.

Check out 5 data insights that are key to growing your business.

1. Delivery speed

Satisfy customers’ need for speed by testing out new delivery methods. Subtle changes — such as researching alternative routes or optimizing your kitchen for delivery — can shave precious minutes off your average delivery time. Monitor delivery times to see which ideas work best.

2. Average order size

Add-ons like an appetizer or dessert can do wonders for your restaurant’s bottom line. Entice customers to treat themselves by cutting delivery fees on select dates or offering exclusive deals when customers add-on certain items. Switching up the promotions will make it easier to tell which change yields the most results.

3. Customer reviews

Often times, customer complaints can actually help improve your restaurant. Use negative feedback to decide where to focus your attention next. Carefully review and address each concern to help deliver better customer experiences moving forward.

4. Order accuracy

Keep your customers happy by making sure the food they receive is exactly what they ordered. Trying new quality assurance policies, such as increasing the number of staff members who check an order before it’s delivered or served, can prevent mishaps.

5. Average orders per day

Although some days may be busier than others, more than a few slow shifts may mean it’s time for a change. Review your restaurant’s average order total over the course of a day, week or month. A steady dip could prompt you to lower delivery minimums or test out promotions during off-peak hours. As additional orders roll in, you’ll more than make up for any lulls in business.

Data helps drive smarter decisions. Stay up to date on your restaurant’s performance to determine which improvements will make the most impact.

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1. Toast: Restaurant Technology in 2017

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