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Starting today, Amazon customers in the U.S. can discover and order from Grubhub merchants like you directly on and in the Amazon Shopping app. Grubhub merchants can now have access to Amazon’s millions of customers — expanding the audience you’re able to reach as a Grubhub partner. Plus, with moments like Prime Day, there are even more opportunities to boost sales.

What Grubhub ordering on Amazon means for merchants

Since 2022, Prime members have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for waived subscription fees and discounts with their Grubhub+ membership. These exclusive deals make activating Grubhub+ memberships more enticing than ever for customers, driving more potential business to your store. More savings, like $0 delivery fees on eligible orders, means more opportunities for customers’ dollars to go right to your business. And increased visibility on Amazon makes it easier for customers to discover thousands of local restaurants.

“We’re especially excited about this opportunity for our restaurant and delivery partners,” said Howard Migdal, chief executive officer of Grubhub. “Restaurant owners will now have access to millions more consumers through Amazon, driving even more orders to their businesses and generating more earnings opportunities for our Grubhub delivery partners.”

Howard Migdal

Restaurant owners will now have access to millions more consumers through Amazon, driving even more orders to their businesses and generating more earnings opportunities for our Grubhub delivery partners.

Howard Migdal, Grubhub CEO

Advantages of Grubhub+ for merchants 

Grubhub+ members are some of Grubhub’s most frequent and loyal customers. Merchants with Grubhub+ status get greater access to Grubhub+ members, who receive $0 delivery fees, lower services on eligible orders, and 5% credit back on pick-up orders when ordering from Grubhub+ merchants. Grubhub+ merchant status means your business will be tagged and featured in the specific Grubhub+ category on our web and mobile app, making it easy for these loyal customers to find you.

And to provide even greater value to customers, Prime members can now enjoy a free, ongoing Grubhub+ membership as part of their Prime membership, meaning these benefits are available to them too. To get access to Grubhub+ members if you don’t have it already, check out pricing and marketing options here.

Let your customers know there’s a new way to order

Use our free social media assets to spread the word by letting your customers know they can order from your business on Amazon by tapping into our customizable Canva templates. Personalize them with your own photos and logo to the posts to motivate customers to order from your business through Amazon.

Follow these steps to customize our templates:

  1. Create a Canva account: Create a free Canva account to access the templates. Then, click on the template you want to download. Click “edit template” to copy the template to your own personal Canva profile.
  2. Add your own food photography: Drag the image you want to feature from your device to the “uploads” section on the left hand Canva menu. Drop the photo from the “uploads” folder into the frame. Click “edit photo” in the top menu to make any adjustments. 
  3. Add your logo: Drag your logo to the “uploads” section on the left hand Canva menu. Delete the “resto logo” placeholder. Place your logo in the empty space.
  4. Download and post: Click the “share” button on the top right of the screen to save the image to your device. Then, upload your post to your Facebook and Instagram accounts to reach customers.

Encourage ordering on Amazon

All Grubhub merchants’ menus will be available to order on Grubhub through Amazon. Use this post to let your diners know how they can order from your business on Grubhub or Amazon.

Post with this caption: You can now order from [business name] on Amazon! Prime members can also enjoy a free Grubhub+ membership that comes with exclusive perks. Get delivery from us today. Terms and additional fees apply.

Showcase your Grubhub+ status

Merchants with Grubhub+ status can reach more loyal and frequent customers. If you are a merchant with Grubhub+ status, make sure your Grubhub+ customers know they can order from your business with $0 delivery fees. Reach out to your advisor or Care, if you’d like to learn more about these benefits.

Post with this caption: Prime members can order from [business name] with $0 delivery fees on eligible orders. Visit Amazon or Grubhub to order us for pickup and delivery today! Terms and additional fees apply.

Follow and tag @GrubhubForRestaurants on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media. Together we can let all customers know there’s a new way to order and save big.

Join Grubhub to reach Prime members and Grubhub+ customers 

Now is the time to equip your business with the latest technologies and ordering systems it deserves. Whether you’re a newcomer to Grubhub or looking to upgrade to Grubhub+ status, there will be an influx in new customers and orders with this offering.

Grubhub empowers businesses to choose the rate that fits, enabling businesses to leverage Grubhub tools according to their unique needs. Ensure your store is easily discoverable on Grubhub to capitalize on the loyal Grubhub+ customer base. By partnering with Grubhub, you open doors to reach fresh clientele, especially now that Grubhub is available on Amazon. Click here to get started with Grubhub today.

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