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Prime members can now unlock unlimited $0 delivery for one year

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With Prime Day approaching, an abundance of new customers are expected to join the millions already taking advantage of Grubhub+. Don’t miss out on capturing new customers’ cravings.

To help celebrate the legendary Prime Day, we’ve teamed up with Amazon to give all Prime members an entire year of $0 delivery fees with Grubhub+.


We’ll be welcoming a lot of new hungry diners looking for restaurants like yours. Plus, existing Grubhub diners upgrading to Grubhub+ will be looking to take advantage of the $0 delivery fees we include with their membership. 


And lucky for our restaurants, Amazon and Grubhub will continue to encourage ordering throughout the year to new GH+ diners. That could mean more orders, more sales, and more repeat diners for you.


Of diners surveyed* use Grubhub to discover new restaurants


Restaurants currently on Grubhub

Hundreds of millions of orders

placed on the Grubhub Marketplace from GH+ diners to date

Man packing orders for Grubhub and Amazon team up

What could all this mean for you? More diners and more orders

Amazon Prime members are accustomed to fast, convenient and free delivery on the things they want most. Now, Prime members can enjoy the same perks from their favorite restaurants with free Grubhub+ for a year.

In addition to unlimited $0 delivery on eligible orders, Grubhub+ members also enjoy:

  • Exclusive perks and rewards
  • Elite care
  • Donation match from Grubhub

And it’s not all about the diners. Restaurants with access to Grubhub+ will be tagged and featured in the specified GH+ category on our web and mobile app, increasing potential discoverability from diners.

Looking for best practices on handling increased order volume?

With the new diners and more orders you can expect from this offering, there’s never been a better time to build a strong foundation to your delivery strategy. Follow our best practices below to learn how your restaurant can become a diner magnet to handle your new Grubhub+ customers:

Amazong and Grubhub team up
restaurant owner creating marketing materials
  • Make certain menu item descriptions are correct
  • Update your menu’s photos to show off your delicious food
  • If you’re utilizing Grubhub Direct, update branding images
  • Make sure hours are up to date on all platforms
  • Schedule more staff for expected peak hours 
  • Secure food items and label accordingly 
  • Stock up on materials when packing orders
restaurant owner using marketing tools on Grubhub
  • Launch new customer promos to entice new GH+ diners even more to your restaurant—you can do this under X section within your GFR portal
  • Bundle new diner promos with Grubhub’s loyalty program in which new customers will automatically enter
  • If you’re using Grubhub Direct, leverage your owned data to send your diners emails and nurture them with loyalty rewards
Grubhub and amazon team up
  • Update your delivery boundaries 
  • Adjust your ETA’s 
  • Increase order prep times if you’re backed up
  • Adjust your ordering capabilities, if necessary
  • Switch to pick-up only, if needed
  • Ensure delivery protocols are in place for seamless handoff
  • If need-be, temporarily pause your restaurant listing

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With Prime Day approaching, an abundance of new diners are expected to join the millions already taking advantage of Grubhub+….

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*Grubhub Restaurant Intelligence Technomic Report 2022

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