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Building relationships with your customers is a vital part of restaurant success. And just as with any relationship, forming and maintaining great ones take work. So how do you turn occasional diners into loyal regulars? By showing that you appreciate their business. Read on for five simple ways to show your customers just how much you care.

1. Offer A Customer Loyalty Program

Even customers who love your restaurant sometimes need a little extra push, so offer diners an incentive to return. Consider employing a loyalty rewards program to encourage repeat visits with rewards like 10% off or a free appetizer with their next purchase.

2. Make a Personal Connection

Do you know your customers’ birthdays and anniversaries? Remembering personal details about customers is one of the best ways to show you care. If you’re running email marketing, keep customers’ important dates on file and send them a special note – and better yet, extend a special discount or promotion to celebrate!

3. Set Up a Referral Program

Word of mouth travels fast. Customers are more likely to tell friends about your restaurant if you offer them an incentive for spreading the word. Offer customers discounts for posting about your restaurant on social media or forwarding your marketing emails on to friends.

4. Ask for Feedback

Nothing shows customers you care more than being proactive about asking for their feedback. You can encourage feedback through a variety of channels – on your website, via phone or on a reviews site. Regularly monitor these channels and be prepared to handle any issues that arise immediately. Show that you’re listening and have an interest in improving your restaurant.

5. Remember the Small Details

It’s the little things. Every restaurant has those regular customers who come in like clockwork, ordering the same thing each time. Encourage your staff to remember these customers and even keep their information on file. Demonstrate your dedication to customer appreciation by recognizing these customers and ensuring they get the best service each and every time.

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