4 Tips to Increase Online Order Ticket Sizes

Diners are turning to online ordering more than ever before. According to a recent IAB study, more than two-thirds of customers order food online using a mobile device.

As the number of diners placing food orders online continues to grow, you have the opportunity to encourage higher ticket sizes. Here are four ways restaurant owners eager to boost the size of online orders can take advantage of this new food trend.

Reward big spenders

Entice customers to spend a little more when ordering out by offering discounts at certain price levels. The extra motivation may be enough to convince diners to add an additional item before checkout, especially if they fall just a few dollars short of the deal.

Make it a meal

Showcase your entire menu by offering timely suggestions to customers in the process of placing their order. From drinks to desserts, highlight different ways diners can add items to make their order a complete meal.

Suggest add-ons

Inexpensive add-ons are a great way to encourage a higher order total without asking the diner to tack on an additional dish. Make the most of this opportunity by enabling diners to easily pile on extra toppings or add another side of sauce. While the extra few cents may not seem like a lot on a per-customer basis, it can make a big difference in the long run.

Cater to groups

Is your restaurant a go-to for groups celebrating a special occasion? Make their day one to remember by introducing special offers and dishes for parties of five or more. Shareable desserts and appetizers will ensure everyone gets a bite, and party platters will provide diners with more than enough food to go around. Also consider bundling large orders with special perks, such as a free bottle of soda or a custom-made cake, to provide diners with yet another reason to choose your restaurant.

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