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Alcohol is a great way to increase the average order value of your delivery and takeout orders on the Grubhub platform.

Adding alcohol to your Grubhub menu can help increase the average order value by $18-$20 for orders with alcohol. In addition, restaurants that offer alcohol items on their menu can see 10% of orders containing an alcohol menu item.

Please note, alcohol delivery on Grubhub is only available in specific markets. If you are a Grubhub for Restaurant’s partner interested in adding alcohol to your menu, it’s essential to speak with your account advisor to learn if your market allows alcohol sales and help ensure you add alcohol to your account appropriately. To learn more, please sign in to your Grubhub for Restaurant account. 

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Grubhub for Restaurant’s alcohol-selling guidelines

Ready to get started with adding alcohol to your Grubhub menu? Alcohol delivery on Grubhub is only available in certain markets. Please talk to your account advisor if you are interested in adding alcohol to your menu.

In order to sell Alcohol on the Grubhub platform please be aware your restaurant must adhere to the following guidelines.

Alcohol packaging guidelines

Alcohol should be packed in a sealed spill-proof container, in a separate bag from the diner’s food order. If the alcohol items cannot be delivered, packing them separately from the food will allow the driver to deliver the food on its own. You are responsible for ensuring that all alcohol is packaged and labeled in accordance with applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

Drivers checking ID guidelines

Grubhub drivers are instructed to confirm that a diner is of age by reviewing their government ID. If you are a self-delivery restaurant, you are responsible for ensuring your drivers are validating diner age prior to delivery.

Alcohol returns guidelines

If the diner is underage, does not have a valid ID, is intoxicated, or otherwise unavailable, drivers are instructed to return the alcohol to you and you must accept the return. Please ensure that your premises remain accessible to delivery drivers for a reasonable period of time following attempted delivery.

Liquor License Requirements

Your restaurant must have a valid liquor license in order to sell alcohol. Please make sure your license is up-to-date and is in accordance with local regulations. You are responsible for ensuring that there are no conditions on your license that prevent you from listing alcoholic beverages on your Grubhub menu.

Please note: In many jurisdictions, licensees remain liable for actions of third-party service providers, including delivery service providers. Grubhub, however, cannot provide legal advice regarding your rights, obligations and liabilities under your liquor license. If you have any concerns about your potential liability, please consider seeking independent legal advice.

Direct Deposit Requirements for alcohol sales on Grubhub for Restaurants

To continue selling alcohol with Grubhub, you must be signed up for direct deposit through a checking account. Our auto-setup process is straightforward and should take just a few minutes:

  • log into Grubhub for Restaurants (GFR) using your ADMIN credentials (username is your registered email address)
  • Select Financials > Current Balance from the bottom of the left-hand side menu
  • You should be prompted to “Set up direct deposit”

Alcohol Sales via Stripe

All alcohol sales are now processed via Stripe, a secure online payments platform used by millions of companies worldwide. You must have a Stripe Connect account to continue to sell alcohol on Grubhub. The Stripe Connect setup process is fast and straightforward, and we walk you through it below. After your Stripe Connect account is activated, you won’t experience any changes to fees, payments, or the timing of those payments.

To learn how to set up stripe, please log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the Help center on the lower lefthand corner of your dashboard.

How to properly label alcohol items within your Grubhub for Restaurants menu

Restaurants that want to sell alcohol on the Grubhub platform are responsible for ensuring that all alcohol items on their menu are properly tagged so that drivers are informed there is alcohol in the order and know to check ID on delivery.

How to tag alcohol menu items on your Grubhub menu

Navigate to your menu in Grubhub for Restaurants and click on the alcoholic beverage items:

  • Click the Settings and Labels tab to confirm that the Alcohol and Drink labels are attached to your alcoholic beverage menu items:

If your alcoholic beverage items are not tagged correctly or if you wish to add additional alcoholic beverage items to your menu, please send a menu update request to

Please note, these guidelines are subject to change. For the latest alcohol selling guidelines please consult the Help Center within the Grubhub for Restaurants platform.