Scoop DeVille

Scoop DeVille: Perfecting the art of ice cream delivery with Grubhub

Scoop DeVille is an ice cream institution in the heart of Philadelphia, and according to Gotham Magazine one of the top 20 best ice cream shops across America.

Known as the only ice cream shop in Philly where customers can create their own flavor of soft-serve right on the spot, Scoop Deville has become a destination for Philadelphians and tourists craving a sweet and quirky ice cream treat.

Since Scoop DeVille first opened in 1989, it has grown into five locations, including one ghost kitchen operation. And at the helm of this successful expansion is Spencer Philips, the owner and operator of Scoop DeVille.

Spencer always knew delivery was the future of the restaurant industry

Spencer Philips has an eye for innovation. Before owning Scoop DeVille, he always believed delivery was the future of the restaurant industry. That’s why when he first took over Scoop DeVille, he called Grubhub.

“I thought offering delivery was a competitive advantage for us,” explained Spencer. “There were tons of delivery options for pizza or Chinese food- but when you think of ice cream and desserts, there weren’t a lot of options to choose from.”

Since those early delivery days, Spencer and his team have perfected the art of ice cream delivery with the help of Grubhub’s insights dashboard and menu management tools.

“I spent a lot of time changing my Grubhub menu and analyzing how those changes impacted sales,” Spencer said. “Grubhub’s dashboard and web portal are by far the best of all the delivery platforms.”

Grubhub is actually a partner.

Spencer Philips, Scoop DeVille

In addition to finding success with Grubhub’s easy-to-use tools and analytics, Spencer has also benefited from connecting with his Account Advisor. When restaurants partner with Grubhub for Restaurants, they are assigned an Account Advisor who works one-on-one to ensure success on the Grubhub platform.

Spencer’s Account Advisor has helped Scoop DeVille set up new locations on Grubhub and launch new virtual restaurant concepts. “Other delivery platforms do not provide a single point of contact, or if they do, it changes a lot of the time,” Spencer said. “Scott, my Account Advisor, has been my guy for a long time.”

Finding Success with Grubhub for Restaurants

By leveraging his partnership with Grubhub, Scoop DeVille has been able to drive additional revenue through delivery. The proof is in the numbers: between May 2020 and February 2021, 25% of Scoop DeVille’s sales came from Grubhub.

Spencer has also watched first-time delivery customers brought in through Grubhub grow into loyal Scoop DeVille diners.  “The amount of new customers I have gained in-store because they heard about me through delivery has been huge,” Spencer said. In fact, during that same time period, 74% of Scoop Deville’s Grubhub orders came from first-time customers. 

Spencer Philips is the epitome of an innovative restauranteur. Whether he is leading the industry by becoming one of the first ice cream and dessert shops to tap into online ordering and delivery, developing a quirky take on an ice cream classic, or building his own virtual restaurant brands, Spencer is always two steps ahead of the crowd.

As Spencer finds new ways to share his passion for ice cream with Philadelphians, he knows his partnership with Grubhub will continue to drive value to his bottom line and support his future business goals.

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  • Between May 2020 and February 2021, 25% of Scoop DeVille’s sales came from Grubhub.
  • 74% of Scoop Deville’s Grubhub orders came from first-time customers.