The restaurant guide to National Food Holidays 2023

Learn how to maximize your 2023 promotional strategy from key insight into digital marketing trends.

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National Food Holidays are the easiest way to virally promote your restaurant and reach new hungry diners.


From Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12th) to National Guacamole Day (October 16th), national food holidays are the perfect opportunity to offer your loyal customers discounts and generate demand for your business, especially during slower months.


Grubhub’s guide to National Food Holidays gives you a step-by-step, holiday-by-holiday deep dive into how to maximize our promotional tools to hit your restaurant revenue goals in 2023.

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One calendar, 213 promotional ideas to amplify your digital marketing efforts

Learn how to round out your digital marketing strategy with national food holidays. Then, use the calendar to plan out your promotions.


of consumers would switch restaurants if they saw a good deal*


of millennial diners actively avoid restaurants with a weak Instagram following*

Inside this free guide to National Food Holidays 2023, you’ll find:

  • Popular food holidays, food trends and big delivery days that can help you develop a promotional strategy
  • Top tips for using social media to promote your national food holiday campaign
  • Insights into how to grow your online orders
  • A free National Food Holiday Calendar to drive your 2023 promotional strategy
  1. * Source: Technomic, Inc. restaurant industry survey report (2022) in partnership with Grubhub

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