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Grubhub’s solutions are designed to serve restaurants of all shapes and sizes.

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By providing data-backed insight into the most critical parts of your business and identifying opportunities to experiment and innovate, we help you grow at any phase of your journey. From small, family-run establishments to world-renowned brands, Grubhub helps restaurants stay ahead. Discover how our solutions fit with your business and grow your brand.

Small Businesses

With Grubhub your next big win is always within reach. With our insights, you can grow your restaurant by making informed, data-driven decisions that will keep your business moving forward and ensure that your next win is never your last. Grubhub’s delivery services can be as flexible as you need while still providing reliable, and trusted service to new and returning customers alike.

Our Small Business Solutions

Grubhub Marketplace

List your restaurant on the Grubhub app and website to find new customers.

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Loyalty Tools

Keep customers coming back with our loyalty tools.

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Grubhub Direct

Drive even higher ROI with your own commission free ordering website powered by Grubhub.

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Felippa Janik from Janik's Cafe

Word of mouth is one thing, but having customers go onto Grubhub to find us and then sticking with us works for my restaurant.

Felippa Janik, Owner, Janik’s Cafe

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National Brands

Ready to take the next step with your growing restaurant franchise? Grubhub has all of the tools necessary to keep your locations connected and thriving. Explore the future of your business while knowing the present is secure.

We work with multiple National Brand Partners, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chipotle, and many more, so that you can expand your reach to a new audience.

Our National Brand Solutions

Delivery Options

Control how your restaurant serves customers with our flexible delivery options.

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Attract new diners by creating custom promotions with Grubhub for Restaurants.

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Tech and POS Integration

Grubhub partners with dozens of POS providers to bring seamless integration with your current point-of-sale system.

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Point of sale integration allowed us to pack delivery orders like any other order in our restaurants. It simplified our operations, improved our out the door times and increased out accuracy, all leading to better customer and operator satisfaction.”

Ted Hardy, Director, Consumer & Data Technologies at KFC

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