Increasing New Customers for
St. Louis Restaurants

While it may be known for the Gateway Arch, St. Louis is also building up a reputation for its thriving and vibrant food scene. And it goes beyond just St. Louis-style barbeque and pizza, restaurants in the Lou are serving up classics like gooey butter cake, toasted ravioli and the St. Paul sandwich.

And Grubhub is helping restaurants in St. Louis keep their hungry diners happy and full. With convenient online ordering and reliable delivery, Grubhub boosts business for local restaurants like yours.

Grubhub’s Impact in St. Louis

Grubhub can enhance how you serve your customers. Our most successful restaurant partners in St. Louis experienced¹:


Busiest day for online order


Average percent of new customers in the first 6 months


Most popular time to order

¹Restaurant performance metrics based on 2016 Grubhub data.

Why Grubhub?

On-demand support

Get help when you need it — orders made via Grubhub are supported with 24/7 customer care.

Streamlined order processing

Cut order processing time by more than half with the help of Grubhub’s online ordering platform.

Increased revenue

Grubhub restaurant partners see 6x growth in revenue annually, on average, compared to restaurants not partnered with Grubhub.

Trusted driver network

Manage deliveries with Grubhub’s team of experienced delivery drivers.

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