Bringing New Business to
Nashville Restaurants

From freshly-baked biscuits to hot chicken, there’s no shortage of options for hungry Nashville residents. Grubhub — the nation’s leader in online and mobile food ordering — is helping deliver such classics to customers all across Music City, U.S.A.

Grubhub’s Impact in Nashville

Online ordering and delivery can increase your business. Just look at our most successful restaurant partners in {Nashville}, who saw¹:


Busiest day for online order


Average percent of new customers in the first 6 months


Most popular time to order

¹Restaurant performance metrics based on 2016 Grubhub data.

Why Grubhub?

Greater order volume

Bring in an average of 30% more takeout orders once you join Grubhub.

On-demand delivery drivers

Reduce staffing concerns by using our team of trusted delivery drivers.

Faster order processing

With Grubhub’s online ordering platform, you can cut order processing time in half.

Increased marketing

Grubhub’s marketing resources can help spread the word about your restaurant.

Get more orders

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