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Higher ratings often mean higher revenue. In fact, one study found that a one-star improvement can result in a five to nine percent boost in business.

Ramp up your restaurant’s rating with these key focus areas:

Food quality

  • Add seasonal ingredients to the mix – On average, restaurants offering seasonal menus see a 26 percent uptick in orders compared to those that don’t.
  • Source local ingredients – Nearly 7 out of 10 consumers say they’re more likely to visit restaurants serving locally-sourced ingredients.

Delivery effectiveness

  • Engage in conversation – Use your POS or the Grubhub for Restaurants app to keep customers in-the-know by sending order status updates.
  • Keep staffing simple – Partner with a restaurant delivery service and gain access to vetted, insured delivery drivers at a moment’s notice.

Order accuracy

  • Education is key – Teach your back-of-house staff how to monitor, confirm and complete online orders via POS integration or the Grubhub for Restaurants app.
  • Check, check again – Create processes that ensure each order passes through at least two sets of eyes before heading out the door.

Did you know?

Grubhub’s ratings are based on real customer orders — not just general feelings about a restaurant — to provide the most accurate, real-time picture of restaurant performance. Check out your restaurant’s ratings and customer feedback at the bottom of your Grubhub menu.

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