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Grubhub for Restuarant is a great resource for independent restaurant operators looking to learn the latest topics in the restaurant industry and at Grubhub. You can access free resources and articles on the latest trends in the restaurant industry as well as easily sign up to become a Grubhub restaurant partner.
Additionally, Grubhub for Restaurants is also a self-service tool for restaurants that provides them with the ability to manage their Grubhub business.When a restaurant becomes a Grubhub partner, they are provided their own Grubhub for Restaurant account, which will allow them to:

  • Manage the ordering process
  • Update their menu as it appears live on the Grubhub site
  • Upload logos and menu photos
  • Schedule a free photography session
  • Review financials
  • Review order history
  • Create promotions
  • Receive data-driven insights as to how their business is performing compared to local restaurants.