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The point of sale (POS) system is the central nervous system of any restaurant. It not only accepts and tracks transactions, but can also take inventory, analyze customer data and even manage your financials.

In short, the POS is a necessary hub for keeping restaurant operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Knowing this, Grubhub is integrating its online ordering capabilities into some of the leading POS systems to help restaurant owners drive more orders and streamline operations. Grubhub will be integrating with Breadcrumb POS from Upserve, Toast and MICROS.

To break this down further, let’s look at the benefits of integrating Grubhub into your POS system.

Improved efficiency

When business starts to heat up, keeping track of all your orders can be challenging. By managing orders with Grubhub’s POS integration, you’ll free up staff to focus on cooking delicious food. Not to mention, you’ll only have to train your staff on one system.

Faster updates

Satisfy demand for new dishes by updating your Grubhub menu in the POS. Now, when you update your menu on the POS system, it will automatically update on Grubhub.

Consolidated financials

Grubhub’s POS integration can provide you with the financial insight needed to assess and improve your restaurant’s performance. Now you can do you everything from balancing the books to managing tips in one central location.

Less clutter

Give your front- and back-of-house staff more room to do what they do best – make great food. Instead of spending precious time moving between different devices, your workers will have the ability to manage any and all Grubhub orders directly from your existing POS system.

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