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Grubhub is excited to announce three grant opportunities for small business restaurants made possible in part by the Grubhub Community Fund. Running a local restaurant comes with its fair share of challenges. These grants are aimed at helping restaurants in need grow their businesses.

Spring grants restaurants can apply for in 2024:

  • AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund: Application opens on May 1.
  • NGLCC Community Impact Grant: Applications open on April 30.
  • NYC Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund: Applications open on April 26.

Apply for the AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund

The AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund, enabled by the Grubhub Community Fund, aims to support Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander-owned eateries nationwide. In light of ongoing economic hurdles in the industry, this initiative provides assistance to under-resourced restaurants grappling with supply chain disruptions, rising inventory expenses, workforce development, and employee safety concerns. 

Through this funding, AAPI restaurant owners can enhance their businesses by investing in infrastructure upgrades, embracing e-commerce and technological advancements, offering better employee benefits, and refining operational efficiency. Ultimately, these endeavors empower AAPI entrepreneurs to expand their business, fortify their financial stability, and enrich their communities by nurturing safe and welcoming gathering spaces. 

With over $5 million to 351 AAPI establishments in the past three years, the AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund and the Grubhub Community Fund remain steadfast in championing the tireless efforts and commitment of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander restaurant owners.

Application Timeline:

  • Application opens May 1 until May 31, or if we reach 5,000 applications, whichever comes first.
  • Application review will occur in June and July.
  • Grant results will be announced in August.

Click here to apply for the AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund.

Apply for the NGLCC Community Impact Grant

LGBTQ+-owned restaurants and bars across the country are eligible to apply for this year’s NGLCC Community Impact Grant, made possible through the partnership between National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and the Grubhub Community Fund. 

Individual grants range from $5,000 to $25,000. Restaurant owners can use these grants to bolster employee wages, upgrade infrastructure, fuel marketing efforts, and more. The NGLCC aims to allocate 30% of the funds to businesses owned by people of color and transgender and gender expansive (TGX) individuals. 

Application Deadlines:

  • East Region Application: 4/30 – 5/21
  • Central Region Application: 5/14 – 6/4
  • West Region Application: 6/4 – 6/25

Click here to apply for the NGLCC Community Impact Grant.

New York City: Apply for the Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund

The Grubhub Community Fund in collaboration with the Greg Hill Foundation Restaurant Strong Fund is announcing a grant opportunity of $500,000 for New York City restaurants. This grant will assist New York City-based restaurants in enhancing the environmental sustainability of their operations.

Starting on April 26, the Restaurant Strong Fund will be accepting applications for this grant cycle. The focus will be on providing financial support for recent or future upgrades to kitchen equipment, particularly coal-and wood-burning ovens, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions. This grant seeks to ease the burden on small businesses as they undertake necessary operational enhancement to promote environmental sustainability.

Grants up to $5,000 will be available to restaurants who complete the application form and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an open restaurant that is currently operating in New York City
  • Must have recently updated (no earlier than January 1, 2024) or will soon update kitchen equipment that aims to improve environmental sustainability, including reducing the restaurant’s carbon footprint through emissions reduction.
  • Must provide a detailed plan on how the grant will be used and how funding will help make operations more environmentally friendly.

Click here to apply for the Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund

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