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As a small business owner, blossoming in the delivery market can be a challenge. Consumers value convenience, and fulfilling this customer need is necessary in order to flourish. On-demand delivery is not just for food, expanding into new consumer markets like cut flowers. The modern customer has come to expect businesses to deliver goods quickly, and they turn to third-party delivery apps like Grubhub to browse local selection.

Flexible flower delivery options have allowed small businesses to keep up with big flower chains. Consumers who value quality local products turn to top online delivery services to get their favorite seasonal bouquets delivered. Adding delivery to your business can help you grow your profits and reach new customers. Let’s dig into how your business can sell flowers on Grubhub.

A look into the blossoming flower delivery market

Local flower delivery has opened up a new revenue stream for small flower shops. The flower delivery market is projected to reach $10.1 billion by 2031, growing by over 70% in the next seven years. Customers are now going online to find the perfect personalized bouquet. 

Same-day or express flower delivery services cater to those who want to send last-minute gifts or surprise loved ones on special occasions. Digital flower menus empower customers to create a personalized bouquet, and online tracking allows them to ensure they arrive fresh.

The rising focus on sustainability has pushed local flower businesses center stage. Customers value knowing their bouquets are locally sourced and are eager to support community businesses. In fact, 57% of Americans say they are willing to pay more to support local businesses and 2 in 3 avoid shopping at large chains. Upgrade your delivery and marketing strategy to reach these customers who want to support your business.

How do you sell flowers on Grubhub?

Partnering with Grubhub can help your business get in front of thousands of eager customers. Just follow these steps to start delivering flowers today.

1. Join Grubhub Marketplace

Enter your business’ information in the Grubhub sign up form to get in touch with a Grubhub representative. You can browse our pricing plans to see what solution fits your needs, and check how your point-of-sale system can seamlessly integrate with Grubhub to streamline operations.

2. Choose a delivery and pickup solution

Browse our delivery and pickup options to see which is the best fit for your restaurant. You can adjust your delivery boundaries to reach new customers and promote your pickup availability for customers who can get their bouquets themselves.

Grubhub has three different delivery solutions to pick from:

  • Self delivery allows businesses to use their own staff or delivery fleet to deliver orders placed on the Grubhub platform. Businesses can control delivery boundaries and how much customers pay for delivery.
  • Supplemental delivery allows self-delivery businesses to expand their boundaries with Grubhub’s drivers. Businesses can use both their own drivers and Grubhub’s.
  • Grubhub delivery puts the responsibility of delivering your flowers to customers on Grubhub. Our drivers will deliver to customers in your area so you don’t have to worry about creating your own delivery fleet, getting driver insurance, and scheduling deliveries.

3. Upload your selection

Now it’s time to upload the items you’re selling to your Grubhub menu. Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the “menu” section to add and edit items. You can add sections, modifiers, schedules, and sizes to best describe each item on your menu. Upload beautiful photos of your flowers to increase sales.

Follow our steps to add a basic user to your Grubhub for Restaurants account so that your employees can manage daily tasks like taking orders and hiding menu items. 

Check that all your business’ information is properly uploaded to your account. You can set up your delivery and pickup hours within your Grubhub for Restaurants account under “settings.” Your Admin account will be the go-to spot to make any adjustments down the line.

4. Go live

Once your Grubhub page is perfected, it’s time to start reaching customers. Tap into Grubhub’s marketing toolkit to advertise your budding partnership, and put signage in your brick and mortar location so that everyone knows you deliver. Don’t forget to update your Grubhub menu regularly to reflect what’s in season and promote your page.

Tips for successful flower delivery

Now that your business is set up for flower delivery, the final step is to perfect your daily operations.

1. Package properly

Businesses packaging flowers for local delivery should prioritize both aesthetic appeal and practicality. The packaging should not only showcase the beauty of your bouquets, but also protect them during transit.

Bunching bouquets together with twist ties or rubber brands can keep them secure. You can include a water source or a hydration pack at the bottom of your bouquet to help maintain the freshness. Place the bouquet in a cardboard carrier to make sure they stay upright. You can add a plastic covering to more elaborate bouquets to ensure they are not touched in transit.

Sustainability remains a top concern for many customers. A third of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. Opt for sustainable packaging solutions that are biodegradable or recyclable to limit waste.

2. Embrace personalization

Offering customization options for floral arrangements allows them to express their unique sentiments. This can include choices in flower types, colors, and arrangement styles. You can curate collections in sections on your Grubhub menu based on occasions or styles to make the browsing experience easy.

Incorporating personalized messages or greeting cards adds a heartfelt touch to each delivery, creating a unique selling point for your business. Going above and beyond with personal touches will create a meaningful experience for customers, building brand loyalty.

3. Snap beautiful photos

Maintaining visually appealing and updated photos of your flower selection increases orders online. High-quality, up-to-date images showcase the freshness and beauty of the floral arrangements, providing potential customers with a clear representation of what they can expect to receive.

Take a photo of each bouquet in your selection and upload them to your Grubhub menu to make it pop. In the competitive flower delivery industry, where aesthetics play a crucial role, investing in professional and updated photography contributes significantly to the business’s online presence, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, its success.

5. Update your website

Your website is a customer’s go-to spot to learn everything they need to know about your business. Promoting your flower delivery services on your site is paramount for expanding customer reach and enhancing overall convenience. 

Integrating and promoting flower delivery on your website is not just a service, but a strategic necessity to stay competitive in the digital marketplace. It helps customers find you more directly when they search local flower delivery options online, driving ROI.

4. Share on social media

Social media is the perfect platform to let your creations shine. This visually-driven space is ideal for showing off your flower selection, enticing potential customers with vibrant imagery. The shareable nature of visually appealing flower arrangements encourages users to like and repost, spreading brand awareness organically.

Your social media page is also where you can share delivery updates, seasonal changes, and new bouquets. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook help you connect with your customers directly, improving brand loyalty and relevance.

Deliver flowers with Grubhub today

The convenience of online ordering and efficient services ensures that your businesses can effectively capitalize on the growing trend of digital commerce. By joining forces with Grubhub, you can not only tap into a broader market but also offer customers the convenience of ordering vibrant blooms with just a few clicks.

Ready to get your bouquets in front of more customers? Partner with Grubhub today.