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At Grubhub, we are doubling down on our commitment to serving restaurants with our newest feature: the Grubhub Guarantee. 

The Grubhub Guarantee helps protect our restaurant partners’ reputation by going above and beyond to give your customers the best online ordering experience by guaranteeing on-time delivery and the best prices. If any order placed on our platform does not meet these guarantees, we will compensate diners with Grubhub Guarantee Perks. All Grubhub Guarantee Perks are 100% funded by Grubhub and not by the restaurant. 

“Restaurants work incredibly hard to create the best experience for diners, and we are helping to safeguard the reputations of our restaurant partners through Grubhub Guarantee,” said Adam DeWitt, Grubhub CEO.

How does Grubhub Guarantee work?

With this new feature, Grubhub is now offering two guarantees for diners: 

Lowest price Grubhub Guarantee

If a customer finds a lower price on another third-party delivery service that beats Grubhub’s pricing, Grubhub will send the diner the difference in Grubhub Guarantee Perks that are entirely funded by Grubhub. Through the Grubhub Guarantee, diners will experience more satisfaction on our platform, which will drive more orders to your restaurant.

On-time delivery Grubhub Guarantee

We understand that delivery issues are often due to elements outside of the restaurant’s control and can negatively impact a diner’s experience and the restaurant’s reputation. With our on-time delivery guarantee, diners will receive a Grubhub Perk if an order arrives late. 

Diners can easily submit a claim if they find a lower price on a different order, their order does not arrive on time or they find a lower price on a different ordering platform.  

Once submitted, Grubhub will review the details and, if an order qualifies, provide a Grubhub Guarantee Perk for the customer to use on their next order. Grubhub Guarantee Perks are 100% funded by Grubhub and can be spent at any restaurant on Grubhub Marketplace.

With this latest feature, you can trust that once an order is out of your hands and headed to a customer, it will be fulfilled on time and for the best possible price. 

We Serve Restaurants

We are committed to putting restaurants first–and the Grubhub Guarantee is just one more example of how we are fulfilling this commitment. The Grubhub Guarantee will increase diner satisfaction which will help build customer loyalty for your restaurant on our platform and ultimately lead to more orders for Grubhub restaurant partners. 

In addition to the Grubhub Guarantee, we offer restaurants:

  • Flexible pricing packages that respond to your restaurant’s one-of-a-kind needs: With our new flexible pricing packages, you can launch, power and promote your restaurant on Grubhub with marketing rates starting as low as 5%. Learn more about our flexible pricing packages by clicking here.
  • Commission-free online ordering site with Direct: With Direct, you can connect to your customers and their data with your own branded ordering website–all with zero commission. Learn more about Grubhub Direct by clicking here.
  • Dedicated account support personally invested in your restaurant’s success: Every restaurant that joins Grubhub have access to dedicated account support. Account support will work with you to optimize your experience on Grubhub by providing expert advice and recommendations based on advanced data analytics. 

At Grubhub, we are here to serve your restaurant, and these are just some of the ways we are doubling down on our commitment to support restaurants. To learn more about the Grubhub Guarantee, please read our latest press release. 

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