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What is order completion rate?

Order completion: There are many factors behind successful order completion, but here, we’re focused only on reasons for order completion within your restaurant’s control. Reasons for successful order completions may include confirming an order within the confirmation window, accurately fulfilling items within an order, correctly fulfilling special items and instructions mentioned within an order, and more. 

What can I do to improve this?

  • Confirm an order as quickly as is possible by assigning a staff member to monitor your tablet
  • Check your hours of operation daily and adjust if you are opening late or closing early
  • If you are too busy or on a break, stop receiving orders by selecting “Stop Taking Orders” in the Hours tab of your GFR account
  • Reach out to our Restaurant Care Team to set up a game plan to improve your restaurant’s order completion rate

Why should I care?

Order completion prevents cancellations, and can positively impact your restaurant’s reviews, reputation, and return customers, as well as overall cost of operations.

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