photo of a Grubhub catered meal for an office

Grubhub catering commonly asked questions

To help you get started with catering on the Grubhub platform we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about Grubhub catering and Group Orders. 

For more information on Grubhub catering and Group Orders please log in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the help portal. 

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how do I manage catering orders on Grubhub for Restaurants?

Once a diner places an order, the order is sent to your restaurant via fax, email or through Grubhub for Restaurants. 

To confirm via email

  • Simply click the Confirmation Link on the order email
  • If you do not confirm the order within a few minutes, we will send an automated reminder call

Fax confirmations

  • Note the 2-digit confirmation code located on the left hand corner of the fax
  • Answer the phone call and enter the confirmation code

Print orders

Prepare the order

  • Use a checklist and be sure to include all utensils, plates and serve ware.
  • Verify all tickets and ensure they’re closed out at the end of each shift

How do I view scheduled catering orders?

Catering orders that are scheduled ahead of time will show up in the Scheduled tab, where you can see all your scheduled orders and key information about each order.

  • Log in at
  • Select the Scheduled tab. Catering orders will have an orange border and say “Large Delivery”, like so:
screenshot of scheduled orders on Grubhub for Restaurants
  • Select the order to see the menu items and any special catering details. Customers can change their order up to 4 hours before the order is promised, so we don’t recommend preparing the order until closer to its Promised by time.
  • The order will move from Scheduled to Active approximately 1.5-2 hours before the catering order should be delivered to the customer.
  • Tap Confirm to let Grubhub and the customer know you are preparing the order.
  • The order will move to the bottom of the page after you have confirmed the order.
  • Once you’ve prepared the order, tap Ready for Driver.
  • Check the top right corner of the order to get updates on when your driver will arrive. We recommend having the food ready 30 minutes before the promised time.
  • Once a driver has picked up the order and left the restaurant, the order will move to the Completed tab.
  • You can check on the delivery progress by tapping on the location icon in the top right corner of each order.

What are individually packaged meals for catering?

With hygiene concerns being top of mind for businesses, we’re taking action to ensure that your restaurants can still offer Catering while keeping your customers happy and feeling safe. Whereas before you may have ordered many dishes to be shared among a group, we’re now offering Individually Packaged Meals, meaning you can order the same catering items to be delivered in pre-portioned packaging for your next meeting. 

How do I add individually packaged meals to my Grubhub menu?

If your restaurant offers catering services, consider adding individually packaged meals to your Catering Menu. 


Screenshot of menu entry

Step 1: sign in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account navigate to your menu page from the left-hand menu

Step 2: Select the Catering section you have set up, and the first item you would like to offer as an Individually Packaged Meal option

Step 3: Ensure the item is offered as Catering Only

Step 4: Select the minimum number of servings this item can be divided into for delivery

screenshot of labels popup in Grubhub for Restaurants

Step 5: Select that this item is available to be ordered as an Individually Packaged Meal under Labels in the Settings and Labels tab

Step 6:  Save the item

Step 7: Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each item you’d like to offer this way

Step 8: When you’ve fully updated your menu, you can navigate away from the menu page–you’re all set!

What your customer sees & how orders appear for your restaurant

Once you complete the steps above, your customers will see your restaurant when they search for individual packaging options on 

Screenshot of Catering options within the Grubhub app
catering selection screenshot

Step 2:  Once they select your restaurant to order from, the menu items you have made available for Individual packaging will show a label that a customer can then select if they would like the item individually packaged.

screenshot of catering option in the Grubhub app

Step 3: Once the customer confirms and places the order, you will see it appear in the Orders tab of your Grubhub for Restaurants account as other Catering orders normally appear. If the order is selected to be “Individually Packaged”, it will appear in the Special Instructions area, so be sure your employees pay close attention to Special Instructions on orders.

screenshot of catering confirmation pop up

What are some best practices for serving individually packaged meals?

Adding Individually Packaged Meals options to your Catering Menu allows for your customers to know their food is safe and touching as few hands as possible. Now that you’ve set up this feature for your restaurant, here are some additional best practices/suggestions:

  • Your restaurant can require a minimum quantity per item type

  • If you’re setting up a “Tray” option for items (such as sandwiches)–you can offer an “assortment” option for a pre-set tray or allow for a customer to select the quantity of each individual item to add variety and allow for flexibility of ingredients

  • You can also set up deli/grocery style items to be packaged individually (such as a quart of hummus to be divided 12 ways)

  • Make sure to place a label on each individual container to indicate what food is inside to ensure your customers know what each package contains, without compromising its safety

Who can place catering orders on Grubhub?

Anyone can place a catering order (consumer or corporate diners). It’s the same process and the same steps, just create a Grubhub account and you’re ready to go!

Who pays for the catering order?

For enterprise clients, you can set up a line of credit (LOC) for your employees to use. You can access the corporate admin tool to set up LOCs. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Amex Express Checkout as well as apply promo codes or pay with a gift card during checkout. 

When can catering orders be placed?

Catering orders can be placed on the same day, or 7 days in advance on the desktop website. The restaurants that appear in your search will change depending on how early a restaurant sets its settings to be. The earlier you schedule a catering order, the more restaurant options you’ll have!

What is the difference between a standard menu and a catering menu on Grubhub?

Standard menus are for consumer orders so the food will be packaged individually and in smaller portion sizes. These are meant for individual servings for one person. Catering menus are purposely created for large orders that serve groups of people. Catering foods are usually packaged in trays or platters. Some items on the catering menu may have a minimum quantity and serving size label. 

Can customers pickup catering orders?

Pickup is not available for catering orders but will be available in the future. Only delivery is available for catering orders currently.

Which restaurants will be available for diners to order from?

Only restaurants within the delivery area will be shown.

Do I need to provide utensils and silverware?

Yes, please include utensils, napkins, and other serveware unless otherwise specified in the order’s special order instructions.

How do I receive payments and statements for catering orders?

You will receive a separate statement for your catering orders, and you will receive one payment for both your restaurant and catering orders.

Who delivers catering orders?

Catering orders can be delivered by any self delivery restaurant’s own drivers or Premium Grubhub Drivers. 

How can customers place catering orders on Grubhub?

Customers can order catering by filtering their search results or going to your catering menu from your restaurant page.