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Clover and Grubhub have partnered to integrate online orders! Learn more about this partnership and how it can help you optimize your restaurant operations.

Clover and Grubhub have partnered to integrate online orders with your Point of Sale device. No more need for tablets that clutter your countertops, or other ways to track your incoming orders. You can support in-store pickup, scheduled orders, and Grubhub delivery.

Existing Grubhub restaurants can easily enable this integration within the Clover dashboard. Additionally, and for the first time ever, restaurants that are not currently listed on Grubhub can sign up for a 30 day free trial through a special Clover onboarding process.

The online menu that you set up in Clover will be used for your Grubhub menu. Any changes you make to this Clover online menu will be reflected on your Grubhub site.

Click here to learn how to set up your online menu on Clover POS’ help page. For more information on POS setup, please check out Clover POS’ Help Center Article.

Benefits to POS Integration

  • No more fumbling with tablets!
  • Fewer human errors
  • Simplified order throughput
  • Minimal employee training
  • Better menu management
  • Easy onboarding through Clover POS

How to Sign Up

Existing Grubhub restaurants can sign up through your Clover Online Ordering dashboard!

  1. Log in to the Web Dashboard.
  2. Select Account & Setup.
  3. Under Business Operations, select Online Ordering.
  4. Under Grubhub, select “Get started”
  5. Read about how it works, and click Continue
  6. You’ll be asked to link your Grubhub URL. It should look like this: ID) (Example: Cust ID 123456 = )

Your CustID can be located at the top of your Grubhub for restaurants account Dashboard, or by contacting Grubhub Restaurant Care at (877) 799 0790

New Grubhub restaurants can sign-up through Clover Online Ordering dashboard and receive a 30 day free trial!

  1. Select Account & Setup.
  2. Under Business Operations, select Online Ordering.
  3. Under Grubhub, select Get started.
  4. Read about how it works, then select Continue.
  5. Click Sign up.