Learnings from our First Restaurant Roundtable: We’re Here to Listen

We brought a group of local restaurants together at our office in New York City yesterday to share ideas for how we can improve on our efforts to help you, our restaurant partners, grow and succeed. 

We were joined by representatives from the New York State Restaurant Association and the office of New York City Council Member Keith Powers, as well as by New York City Council Member Mark Gjonaj. 

The conversation also included a variety of our own people, including SVP of Restaurant Network Kevin Kearns, Director of Restaurant Success Adam Wilson, and Director of Product Management Chat Shah.

We appreciated the thoughtful and constructive engagement on everyone’s part and believe the actionable feedback we heard will help us improve the experience of our restaurant partners, diners, and drivers. We were also pleased that the roundtable gave restaurant partners a forum to swap stories and best practices to learn from each other. 

The owner of a pizzeria in Bayside shared with the group that implementing one best practice substantially improved his sales. “Very recently, 3 months ago, we [enhanced our] online presence [with a] photoshoot. Right now from a sales perspective, whatever we were doing in three months with Grubhub, we [now] do every day. Every day. So it’s a big jump. I would say 20% of our revenues come from Grubhub. We have used other services, but [when it comes to] customer service and [a] prompt touch in addressing issues, Grubhub beats everyone by any length.”

And with constructive feedback like the following about account management from a fast-casual restaurant in the Flatiron District, we’re committed to improving and being an even better partner. “I don’t know if there could be some kind of feature – in the same way, that when you call, you can rank your experience with customer service – if there was some kind of feedback loop where you could provide feedback about the account advisor. There were points where I just didn’t know what to do and who to contact, and I think the change [to my account advisor] was just random but has been really beneficial to us.”

Key Insights and Takeaways

We shared our view of personalized advice we offer that can optimize restaurant listings on our platform and drive profitability for you.

Our Restaurant Success team works every day to evaluate the performance of the restaurants on our platform and to create customized plans to help our partners be successful. We offer recommendations on everything from how to build out your menu to boost gross profit, to how to improve your listing to appeal to more hungry diners, to how to make small adjustments to factors like delivery boundaries and order minimums that can make a big difference in sales. 

We walked through our data analytics offering, which you told us you’re leveraging for insights on your business.

We understand that you appreciate quick information at your fingertips. We heard that you like the daily and weekly sales, orders, and menu item performance metrics and trends and that it would be helpful to have month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons. You can expect to see all of these insights in your dashboard soon.

You identified the key areas where you’d like us to focus our continual efforts to improve.

We heard from some of you that you’d like to see improvements in your experience with delivery operations. Others raised issues with managing menus and adjustments for larger catering and group orders. We’ll continue to unpack your feedback in those areas and look for ways we can improve.

The owner of a burger restaurant in Queens summed up his experience by saying: “We have issues, you have issues, but the truth is, this is an unbelievable thing that Grubhub has – the service [you] provide. As a restaurant owner myself, there’s no way I could reach all these people on my own. Grubhub is allowing me, through your marketing and your [platform], you’re allowing me to tap into that. We need to work together and help each other. The more successful you are, the more successful we are.” 

What’s Next

We got a lot of helpful feedback and heard some great ideas from the stakeholders in the room. We take this input seriously, and we’re excited to incorporate it into how we work with you day-to-day and help you continue to get the most value and ROI from our platform

But we’re not done engaging and listening. These conversations are just beginning. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, and we know we can’t succeed without enabling you to thrive. That’s why we’re committed to continually improving and to fostering a more direct dialogue with the restaurants on our platform, so we can be the best possible partner. 

Stay tuned for information on more roundtables in the months ahead. In the meantime, please know that we’re as focused as ever on driving forward our mission to connect you with new diners, generate more orders, and create additional revenue for your business. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to enhancing and building our relationship well into the future. 


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