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We understand that these are difficult times for small businesses, so we have put together a list of actions your restaurant can take to be safe, help generate more orders and give your customers a better experience.

Please refer to this resource page to see the actions you can take during this time. You may click any of the links to jump to a specific section.

Our company efforts

We are committed to our restaurant partners, drivers, and customers. Promoting health and safety and supporting local restaurants are at the forefront of our efforts here at Grubhub.

If you are a restaurant that is not currently working with Grubhub and would like to learn how a partnership with Grubhub can help you through these unprecedented times, please sign up here and a sales executive will reach out to you.

Protective health and safety measures

Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), restaurants should take the following protective measures.

Enable Curbside Pickup

Based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), restaurants should take the following protective measures.

Curbside Pickup makes it easy for drivers and customers to pick up orders without entering your restaurant, keeping everyone safe. Enable your restaurant for Curbside Pickup to help reduce person-to-person contact within your restaurant.

to enable curbside pickup please sign in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account to complete the following steps:

  1. Select Profile. If you’re on a computer, you’ll find it in the left sidebar. If you’re on a phone or tablet, you’ll find it on the icon 
  2. From Profile, select  next to Delivery and Pickup settings to edit.
  3. Click the checkbox “Yes, I want to enable curbside pickup”.
  4. Enter the phone number you would like customers to call when they arrive at your restaurant.
  5. Place specific instructions on where customers and drivers should wait to receive their order.
  6. Click Submit.

COVID-19 Resources for restaurants

How will I know if a customer has requested curbside pickup?

Orders will include a message in Pickup Instructions saying that curbside pickup has been requested. That way you’ll know which orders will need to be brought out.

Curbside pickup best practices

  • Provide clear pickup location details in the pickup instructions (ex. Meet at the side door on Park Street)
  • Create signage indicating where the pickup area is at your restaurant (ex. Add signs that say “Curbside Pick up here”)
    • If you have a designated curbside pickup zone, please add details.
  • Add an on-site phone number. Be sure to have the phone available at all times as customers and drivers will call that phone number upon arrival.
  • Ensure employees are wearing personal protective gear to keep themselves and the food safe. Gloves are recommended when handling bags and follow proper hand washing procedures.
  • When receiving a call, make sure employees ask for clear instructions (i.e. type of car, color of car, etc.) to ensure the correct match customers and driver with the correct order.

Contact-free delivery

Contact-free delivery lets customers request the order be left at their door, in their lobby, or another place at the delivery location when they’re not available or simply prefer less direct contact.

Contact-free delivery is now the default option on all orders. Remind your delivery drivers to carefully check delivery instructions before delivering orders.

Customers can request contact-free delivery by checking a box or toggle on the order confirmation page in the Grubhub app or website. Customers will also have the option to add additional delivery instructions

How will I know if a customer has requested a contact-free delivery?

Read delivery instructions carefully. A contact free-delivery will be highlighted and will include- the diner’s preferred drop-off location, a contact method, and any additional instructions.

What do I do if I receive a contact-free order?

If you receive delivery instructions asking for a contact-free delivery follow these simple guidelines:

  • Once your driver arrives at the delivery location, they should contact the customer to make sure they’re available to pick up their order.
  • After your driver confirms the customer is available, leave the order at the requested location and return to their vehicle.
  • Contact the customer to let them know their food is where they requested and ready for pick-up.

Based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we’ve shared recommendations with our driver and restaurant partners, focused on continuing good hygiene, taking care of themselves if they are unwell and using precautions when interacting with others.

The safety of customers, drivers, restaurant partners remains our number one priority. We will continue to monitor the data and recommendations provided by the CDC and WHO, and email you with any updates moving forward.

Mandated Personal Protective Equipment

In certain areas, delivery drivers are mandated to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when making delivery orders. If your restaurant is in one of the affected areas and you use your own delivery drivers, please ensure your drivers are abiding by these restrictions. If you do not currently have a mask and you choose to continue delivering, you can create a homemade cloth face covering by following these instructions from the CDC. Grubhub is alerting Grubhub Delivery Drivers to these requirements as well.

Generate more sales and revenue

Use the digital marketing toolkit

While customers are spending more time at home, they’re also spending more time on the internet. Let your customers know that your restaurant is still open for delivery and pickup through Grubhub by using our downloadable social media and email templates.

The kits are available for download here

Add family-style meal options

Our data shows that customers are placing larger orders. As families and roommates are isolated together, they’re placing their orders together too. Make your restaurant pop by adding a family or large meal option to your menu and let customers order in a single click.

Tips for building large order or family meal category and items:

  • Let your customers know what you offer. Label the menu category:
    • Family-style Meals
    • Build your own
    • Meals for 2
    • Meals for 4
  • Price the menu items appropriately.
  • Put the new category at the top of your menu for maximum exposure.

To learn how to add family/large meal options to your menu please log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the Help Center.

Add online ordering links

Do you have a website, Facebook page, or Instagram account? Provide customers a shortcut by linking directly to your ordering page from your restaurant’s accounts.

To learn more about online ordering links please log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the Help Center.

Financial relief

Grubhub Community Relief Fund

In an effort to continue to aid our restaurants, we created the Grubhub Community Relief Fund. Grubhub allows customers to round up their change from every order and donate it to the Grubhub Community Relief Fund. Donations from Grubhub+ and Seamless+ members will be matched by Grubhub.

See local and national organizations supported by the Grubhub Community Relief Fund


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, is a law meant to address the economic fallout of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in the United States. To help restaurant owners better understand the new programs available to them, we have compiled useful information on the CARES Act. 

Restaurant Revitalization Fund

On March 11th 2021, President Biden signed into law the 1.9 trillion dollar American Rescue plan, which includes a 28.6 billion dollar Restaurant Revitalization Fund designed to help support the food and drink service industry during this difficult time. The 25 billion dollar round of funding will be divided into government-funded grants with a maximum of 10 million dollars per restaurant group or 5 million dollars per individual restaurant location. The Small Business Administration has announced they plan to begin a ‘phased launch’ of this fund in April 2021.

To learn more please read Grubhub’s Guide to the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Monitor and manage operational updates

Unpause your restaurant

During these uncertain times, we understand that you may temporarily pause taking orders for your restaurant. Once you are ready, you can set yourself to start taking orders again.

To unpause your restaurant on Grubhub please follow these instructions

  1. Log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account
  2. From the left sidebar on desktop or the   icon on mobile, click the Start button.
  3. Confirm your selection.
  4. You can also start or stop taking orders by navigating to the Hours tab on the left sidebar or   icon on mobile.

Your restaurant will be available again on Grubhub when your next normal business hours start. For instance, let’s say your restaurant is open on Grubhub from 10:00am – 2:00pm and 5:00pm – 10:00pm. If you stop taking orders at 11:30am, your restaurant will be available on Grubhub again at 5:00pm.

An email is also sent to the owner of the restaurant, letting them know that the restaurant was closed or opened.

Update your menu

Are you continuing to serve all the items on your menu while changing to a delivery/pickup only restaurant? You can always update your menu items, remove items, and add items in your Grubhub for Restaurants account.

Keep your restaurant hours up-to-date

Make sure that customers know when your restaurant is open for delivery/pickup orders. Please log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account to update your hours.

Be aware of restricted hours

Keeping our restaurant partners, delivery drivers, and customers safe is our biggest concern. If your local government has announced limited business hours, curfews, or total restaurant closures, please be aware that Grubhub will update your account to comply with these restrictions and notify you of the change. Please log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account to update your hours.

Update delivery driver instructions (Grubhub delivery restaurants only)

If your restaurant’s dining room is currently closed, or you need drivers to follow specific pickup instructions, make sure to update delivery driver instructions. Please log into your Grubhub for Restaurants account to update delivery driver instructions.

Update your restaurant’s delivery boundaries (Self-delivery restaurants only)

If you want to adjust your restaurant’s delivery boundaries, you can make changes in your Grubhub for Restaurants account.

[Updated] 2021 restaurant reopening resources

As you consider what reopening looks like in your indoor dining operations, it’s critical to put your staff and customers’ health and safety at the center of your restaurant reopening strategy. To help you safely reopen your restaurant for indoor dining, we’ve put together two new resources to help support your restaurant reopening strategy:

Start working with Grubhub for Restaurants to see more pickup and delivery orders in an uncertain time where dine-in restrictions may limit diners to your restaurant. Click here to get start today.

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