How to Prepare Your Restaurant Delivery for the Summer Months

Rain or shine, humidity or snow, food delivery is a year-round business. But for restaurants that offer delivery, the same rules that apply to wintertime meal transportation don’t always hold during the summer.

Food delivery in the warmer months presents new opportunities and challenges. Here are a few ways to capitalize on the sunshine and keep your delivery cool during the summer rush:

Assemble a bike delivery staff

Sunshine and mild temperatures open up a whole new food delivery alternative: bikes. Consider augmenting your existing pool of delivery drivers with cyclists who can fulfill nearby orders. But when it comes to long-distance deliveries, sushi and smoothies still hold up better in an air-conditioned car than on two wheels.

Stock up on the right packaging

In the summertime, food delivery packaging needs to control for seasonal variables like humidity and scorching heat along with everyday challenges like potholes and other road turbulence. When it comes to popular warm weather menu items  – such as salads – make sure delivery drivers are equipped with plenty of ice to keep the salads fresh. Similarly, you’ll want durable drink packaging on hand so cold beverages aren’t lukewarm by the time they’re delivered.

Accommodate catering delivery

For a lot of diners, summer means picnics in the park, backyard BBQs and neighborhood block parties. If you don’t already, now might be the time to offer food delivery for larger group and event orders. Before promoting this specific service, be sure to accumulate the right hot/cold packaging (and insulated travel bags or boxes) that can handle bulk orders.

Partner with a food delivery service provider

More likely than not, your existing delivery employees will be requesting time off this summer for their own vacations. By outsourcing your food delivery to a service provider like Grubhub, you can guarantee access to a steady stream of drivers whenever orders come through – and save yourself the scheduling headache.

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