How to Prepare for Delivery Spikes on Election Night

Election night is one of the most anticipated events of the year and is also considered one of the top TV moments for online orders and delivery. In fact, delivery orders spiked 20 percent during the 2012 presidential election, compared to your typical Tuesday night order volume.

When something as significant as the presidential race is televised across the country, diners gather in front of the TV so they don’t miss a second of the action. In many cases, this means no cooking, and an increase in delivery and online orders. So get ready, and take these steps to prepare your restaurant for the election on Nov. 8.

Offer specials and discounts

Specials and discounts make your restaurant even more appealing, giving diners an added incentive to choose your restaurant on election night. For example, since it’s the 45th presidential election, offer free delivery or an extra appetizer on orders higher than $45. Customers love a good deal, and offering specials on election night can be a great opportunity for customers to increase the size of their orders.

Promote on social media

Let customers know you’re ready and waiting for the rush of orders on election night. Post pictures of your special menu items on social media – such as red, white and blue or other American-themed food. Consider creating an online poll, asking customers who they think will win the election. Since family and friends will likely gather to watch the election results, also highlight your shareable menu items on social media.

Hire extra delivery drivers

More delivery orders mean your drivers will be much busier than your average Tuesday night. But even with the higher order volume, diners still expect to receive food in a reasonable amount of time. Hire a few extra drivers on election night to make sure you’re getting orders out to customers on time. You can also assign drivers specific boundaries and areas for delivery, so there’s no confusion about who is supposed to go where.

And whether you hire your own drivers or outsource to a food delivery service, make sure to provide customers with an estimated delivery time for each of their orders, and update them on the status of orders along the way.

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