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The pandemic accelerated the need for takeout and delivery, and that demand is continuing to grow. Customers are comfortable with dining at home and are looking for your restaurant to give them that experience. The proof is in the numbers: 68% of adults say they are more likely to purchase takeout or delivery now than before the pandemic.

That’s why restaurants are partnering with food delivery apps like Grubhub.  

Why do independent restaurants partner with food delivery apps?

According to Insider Intelligence, by the end of 2020, 45.6 million people will be using mobile food delivery apps to order their next meal, and analysts expect that number to reach nearly 54 million by 2023. Independent Restaurants across the country are tapping into these millions of diners who use food delivery apps every day to order their next meal. 

Food delivery apps, like Grubhub, will offer you the delivery logistics to ensure these new customers you are reaching get their food on time — but that’s just the start. 

Here are six reasons why independent restaurants partner with food delivery apps like Grubhub:

1. Boost your revenue and profitability

As restaurants begin to open their doors to customers, it’s clear that the demand for delivery is strong and not going away. Customers still crave the convenience ordering a meal out brings to their lifestyles, and they are doing this through delivery apps. And independent restaurants are increasing their revenue by tapping into the demand for takeout and delivery. 

Chef Josie Smith-Malave has seen the impact partnering with Grubhub can have on profits at her restaurant Bubbles & Pearls in Wilton Manors, Florida.

While Chef Josie didn’t initially envision offering delivery services for her restaurant, she couldn’t ignore the demand of her customers- which is why she turned to Grubhub for delivery. 

With Grubhub, you are talking about adding an additional $300- $500 a night in revenue to your business — and when you are a small business, $500 goes a long way.

Chef Josie, Bubbles & Pearls

2. Build awareness for your restaurant and reach new customers

Joining a food delivery app gives your restaurant instant access to new diners eager to order takeout and delivery from local restaurants. In fact, over 33 million customers tap into the Grubhub app to order their next meal. By simply listing your restaurant on Grubhub Marketplace you are building awareness for your restaurant with diners. 

Erika Emeruwa, co-owner of The Council Cafe in New York, understands firsthand how a partnership with Grubhub can help build awareness with new customers. Erika and her partner opened her restaurant right at the start of the pandemic. They knew they needed to find a way to bring in customers, so they turned to Grubhub to get their name out there.

“As a new business, we knew we needed an awareness driver to tell people we were here. Grubhub allowed us to get in front of customers that didn’t know us.

Erika Emeruwa, The Council Cafe

By joining Grubhub Marketplace, The Council Cafe has seen month-to-month growth in sales and established its credibility with new customers. 

3. Outsourcing your delivery operations can simplify your life

Restaurant operators have a lot on their plate. From overseeing the kitchen to coordinating front-of-house staff and ensuring customers are satisfied, it can be difficult to manage delivery and takeout orders as well. 

When you partner with a food delivery app they already have the infrastructure and technology in place to manage deliveries, reach customers, and promote your restaurant’s brand.

4. Convenience for you and your customers

Gone are the days of picking up a phone and waiting to talk to a person to place a delivery order. Ordering phone calls that take on average two minutes can be cut to 45 seconds when you use a third-party delivery service like Grubhub. When you partner with a third-party delivery service provider, your restaurant will be listed on a food delivery app marketplace where customers can easily find you, scroll through your menu, and place an order.

Once your restaurant is listed on a virtual marketplace, a food delivery app streamlines the ordering and delivery process. Food delivery apps make the dining experience smoother for both restaurateurs and diners.

On your end, this means easy access to promotions and tools to manage orders. On the other side, customers can simply place an order and track it in real-time right from their phone as it is getting prepared and delivered.

5. Get access to data-driven insights and recommendations to drive your business


Signing your restaurant up for a food delivery app can give you instant access to customer data. Restaurants that sign up with Grubhub get access to their own customized insights dashboard designed to help you keep track of your restaurant’s performance.

6. A partner beyond delivery

Food delivery apps provide more than just logistics. For instance, at Grubhub every restaurant that signs up gets a dedicated Account Advisor who is personally invested in your business’ success. They work hand-in-hand with you to optimize your Grubhub experience by tapping into data insights and providing recommendations based on diner behavior in your area. 

Adam Weiss, Founder and Director of Honeybee Burger in Los Angeles, has utilized Grubhub services to strive towards his goal of becoming the first national fast-food burger chain that is 100% plant-based. Weiss relies on his Grubhub Account Advisor to assist with marketing initiatives that have helped Honeybee Burger reach new customers.

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Adding delivery to your restaurant operations is key to reaching more customers and growing revenue. When you list your restaurant on a food delivery app, you can instantly promote your brand and improve operations without compromising your restaurant’s efficiency. 

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