How to Do Delivery Right

Offering food delivery is a tried-and-true method of expanding a restaurant’s reach outside the four walls of the establishment. However, it’s essential that delivery is done right. Read on for our top four food delivery best practices.


  1. Set Proper Boundaries
    Setting delivery boundaries can sometimes be a Goldilocks dilemma. When boundaries are too small, you miss out on the opportunity to service key pockets of customers, and when they’re too big, drivers are inefficient and food quality decreases. When setting delivery boundaries, consider the food quality. How many minutes will sushi hold up on a bike in the middle of summer, and how long until that burger and fries get soggy? Be realistic and use that timeframe as a guide to set your delivery boundaries so your drivers can deliver quality meals each and every time.


  1. Invest in the Right Resources
    If you want satisfied delivery customers, it’s important to not sacrifice the quality and presentation of your food. Provide your delivery staff with the proper training and materials. Do you have hot bags or cold bags? Add-ons like freezers or hot boxes in delivery vehicles help to maintain food quality and ensure happy customers.


  1. Treat Delivery as an Extension of Your Restaurant
    For customers who order online or over the phone, there’s a chance they’ve never actually set foot in your restaurant. In this case, the delivery driver is their first human interaction with your brand. Ensure your delivery staff understands their role as ambassadors of the business and your expectations from disposition to appearance. A great interaction with a delivery person can make a great meal that much better.


  1. Aim for 100% Accuracy
    With delivery, you really get one shot, and accuracy is everything. Forgetting that extra sauce or leaving out utensils or extra napkins is a surefire way to deliver disappointment. Create processes within your restaurant to ensure food delivery orders are correct – double or even triple-checked – before they leave your establishment.

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