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In a world where you can order restaurant meals and rideshares with a single tap, convenience delivery is no longer optional for businesses — it’s an expectation. Customers demand fast, effortless shopping options, whether they’re buying groceries or ordering snacks from the neighborhood bodega.

If you run a gas station or convenience store, now’s the time to incorporate delivery into your business model. By enabling customers to get household staples quickly, you can increase revenue and build a loyal following.

What you can learn from convenience delivery

Convenience delivery — the ability to order food and household essentials for same-day delivery — can transform the customer experience. Imagine one of your regular shoppers is cooking dinner and realizes they’re out of ice cream for dessert. If your store offers delivery, they don’t have to pause what they’re doing; they can simply open an app, place a quick order, and get the items delivered right to their doorstep.

How are convenience stores handling delivery? Larger chains often offer their own in-house delivery services. For example, 7-11 uses its proprietary 7NOW Delivery. Independent stores are more likely to partner with a third-party delivery platform such as Grubhub. In fact, Grubhub fulfills 56.3% of all convenience store deliveries in the United States. 

Whether you’re using your own delivery drivers or a third-party service, keep in mind that successful stores provide:

  • Same-day delivery. Customers expect rapid service from convenience stores. Services such as Grubhub convenience delivery can often get items to customers in less than an hour.
  • Quality control. If your convenience store sells produce or other items that could be damaged in transit, make sure you have a quality-control process in place.
  • Transparency. Be honest and up front about delivery fees to avoid surprising customers at checkout.

Tips to enhance your delivery services

Delivery can be an effective way to boost your bottom line — you can leverage it to increase revenue and keep customers happy. Whether you’re offering grocery delivery or focusing on convenience items, enhance the service with a few key features:

  • Customization. Provide a way for shoppers to customize their home delivery orders. This is particularly important if your store sells prepared foods — a simple notes field enables customers to request condiments, napkins, or utensils. It’s also useful if you’re offering a grocery delivery service; shoppers may want to request a ripe avocado or green bananas.
  • Flexible delivery options. Some customers want their orders delivered as soon as possible; others prefer to request a specific drop-off time. To cater to a wide range of people, offer as much flexibility as possible.
  • Tracking. Customers are accustomed to built-in order tracking; they want to know the status of their order at every step. Keep them updated when orders are accepted, packed, waiting for pickup, and en route. If possible, include GPS tracking so they can monitor the delivery driver’s progress.
  • Promotions. Attract shoppers’ attention with limited-time promotions. You could offer a discount on specific items, for example, or provide free delivery for a customer’s first order. This is a particularly effective strategy if you’re using Grubhub’s grocery delivery services — special deals set you apart from competitors and encourage users to try your business.
  • Customer service. If something goes wrong, customers should be able to reach your store or delivery partner quickly. An online messaging service is a great option; that way, customers can get answers or report problems right in the delivery app.
  • Data security. Ordering food delivery from restaurants and grocery stores requires a great deal of financial and personal information, so top-notch security is critical. That’s why so many stores use third-party platforms; they invest in the latest technology to protect consumers’ sensitive data. Plus, your customers can use saved payment methods to streamline the process.

Grubhub: convenient delivery services made easy

Thinking about adding delivery to your store’s offerings? Whether you run a convenience store franchise or a small family business, Grubhub can help you provide fast, flexible, and safe service. The Grubhub platform comes with everything you need to create an exceptional delivery experience: secure checkout, built-in order tracking, customization options, promotions and loyalty tools, and dedicated customer service. As a bonus, listing your store in the Grubhub marketplace makes it easier to reach new customers and capture a bigger market share.

If you’re ready to become a convenience leader in your area, get started with Grubhub today.