5 Ways Delivery Can Support Healthy Office Eating

According to a recent Food in the Workplace survey, 81 percent of U.S. office workers prefer healthy food options at meetings and work events. Not only is the average corporate employee making his or her own healthy choices, but businesses are taking these preferences into consideration when ordering food for the office.

As a restaurant owner, you can help businesses support healthy eating at the office through your corporate delivery services using the five tips below.

Highlight nutritious ingredients on your menu

Some restaurants and food delivery companies have menu items that sound healthy but are confusing to the diner, such as a “power sandwich” or “green smoothie.” Take the complexity out of your menu by instead highlighting healthy ingredients that appeal to healthy diners, such as fruits, dark leafy greens, vegetables, omega-3 fats and whole grains. Consider including a menu legend with small icons for each. This way, diners can easily find the dishes with their favorite healthy ingredients.

Designate a section of your menu to healthy items

While most customers will scan the whole menu before making a choice, the most health conscious will only be interested in nutritious options. If you’re specifically looking to target this audience, add a separate section to your menu called “Lighter Fare,” “Smart Choices” or something similar. For each dish in this section, explain why the dish is healthy, such as being low in carbohydrates or high in protein.  

Offer healthy sides, desserts and substitutions

As more U.S. office workers prefer healthy options, incorporate these into sides, desserts and other parts of group orders. While you may have traditionally offered a selection of cookies and bags of chips with food delivery orders, add items such as fruits, vegetables and yogurt to the mix. In addition to including these items with bulk orders, allow each individual to customize his or her order with substitutions —  for example, a whole wheat roll or lettuce wrap in place of a white sandwich bun. Bulk orders also offer the opportunity to include platters, which allow diners to take as much or as little of the dish as they want.

Design delivery packaging for portion control

Healthy diners tend to be careful with how much food they consume, so make sure your delivery packaging supports portion control. Include salad dressing and other sauces on the side, making it easier for individual customers to decide how much of each they want on their dishes. For menu choices that include several items, opt for packaging that clearly separates these items. Also choose delivery packaging that can be resealed, so customers can save any unfinished food for later.

Save orders for repeat customers

Once a customer realizes your restaurant is the right choice  for healthy food options, they’ll want to come back for more. With an online ordering platform, you can easily let corporate customers save their preferences for future office orders. This is especially helpful for customized group orders, such as the healthy substitutions outlined above. In addition to saved orders, an added bonus of online ordering is streamlined billing through a corporate account.

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