4 Ways Restaurants Are Personalizing the Dining Experience

Just as restaurant marketing has shifted from one-way messaging to two-way conversations over social media, the dining experience itself is getting more personal.

Restaurants old, new, large and small are experimenting with innovative ways to personalize the dining experience. To generate new ideas for your establishment, here are four creative ways restaurants are incorporating personalization into the dining experience.

Local music for millennials at KFC

When KFC South Africa wanted to connect with a new generation of diners within its restaurants, it decided to figure out what matters to them. The answer was music. So KFC used some very cool technology that amplified music through diners’ arms and out of their hands. The interactive tables provided younger diners with a customer experience that spoke to their generation.

Two for $20 menu at Applebee’s

For adventurous and cost-conscious diners, it can be difficult to sample lots of different dishes while staying within a budget. Applebee’s solution was to design a menu that lets diners mix and match items within a fixed-price menu. For $20, two people can choose two different entrees and an appetizer to share.

Paint your pizza at Ray’s Pizza

Swedish artist Jonas Lund partnered with Ray’s Pizza in New York City to allow pizza-craving patrons to use MS Paint-like tools to color in their toppings. About 30 minutes and $36 later, diners are enjoying their own personal pizza masterpiece. Time will tell how other restaurants will learn from this level of personalization and implement similar concepts as customers increasingly crave a highly targeted dining experience.

Build your burger at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has its eye on the artisan trend, and it’s doing what can be difficult for many food trucks and fast food chains – allowing diners to build their own burgers from a wide array of ingredients. McDonald’s is hoping diners will enjoy a level of personalization that so far has been all but absent from its restaurants.

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