3 Ways to Master Corporate Food Delivery

For restaurants of all sizes, delivery is a valuable way to attract a wider range of hungry customers and bring in additional revenue. But delivery isn’t one-size-fits-all. Much like small deliveries to customers’ homes, there are several important considerations to make when it comes to food delivery for offices or other large groups.

When done right, restaurants can reap the rewards: higher value ticket sizes from loyal and high frequency customers.

Here are three tips to master the ins and outs of corporate food delivery:

Perfect your inventory management practices

Before diving into corporate food delivery, make sure your restaurant’s inventory management practices are up to par. With corporate customers, expectations for accuracy and reliability are high – these customers are often ordering on behalf of other people and the food needs to be ready at a specific time for an event or meeting. Don’t let your staff get stuck with a group order only to realize at the last minute that they’re out of an ingredient. Your employees need tools and processes in place that provide an accurate look at supply levels and how often items need to be reordered.

Foster relationships in the corporate community

One of the first steps to successful corporate food delivery is generating awareness with the right people. Plenty of office buildings have on-site property managers or concierges that you should communicate with to help spread the word about your delivery services. These contacts can act as key intermediaries for letting corporate tenants know about your menu or special group promotions via building newsletters, email distributions or elevator ads.

Consider an online ordering platform

For corporate customers, convenience is king. By partnering with an online ordering platform like GrubHub, you can ensure efficient delivery for groups of any size and boost your staff’s productivity in the process. Online ordering platforms make it easier to communicate orders with multiple items (as well as special requests or substitutions) without worrying about poor cell service or background noise from the office. Platforms like GrubHub even offer corporate accounts to take the hassle out of corporate food ordering and billing. Features such as consolidated invoicing, customized checkout pages and easy group ordering attract large groups and business and give them a reason to order again.

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