3 Tips for a Quick and Easy Food Delivery

If you’re looking for new ways to boost sales, earning diners’ trust and loyalty can take your revenue to the next level. One way to begin building trust with diners is by making sure each and every food delivery arrives on time.

Not only will diners be more likely to order from your restaurant again, but it will also increase the chances of diners recommending your restaurant to their friends and family members. Ready to be seen as the go-to restaurant for diners who crave delivery? Get started with these three tips.

Communicate early and often

Regardless of whether diners place their order online or by phone, provide them with an estimated time of delivery. If any delays pop up, be sure to let diners know as soon as possible. From traffic to severe weather, some delays might last a little longer. Compensate diners who’ve had to wait more than 15 minutes extra with a discount on their next order. The gesture will go a long way toward letting diners know you value their business.

Keep tabs on traffic

Before sending your driver out for delivery, take a quick peek at traffic conditions in the surrounding area. If the roads look slow, start planning an alternative route. Avoiding busy highways and ongoing construction could help you save plenty of time on delivery.

It might also be a good idea to keep a bike on hand just in case the afternoon rush hour is bringing traffic to a halt. Not only will biking over an order save you time when traffic is heavy, but it will also cut down on gas and maintenance costs.

Set aside a few extra minutes

On nights when your restaurant is busy, give your back-of-house staff a few extra minutes to get delivery orders out the door. Between in-house diners and delivery orders, budgeting just a little more time will help ensure every dish that leaves restaurant’s kitchen meets expectations.

You should also consider occasionally checking in with your back-of-house staff. The better understanding you have of how things are going, the more accurate time of delivery you can provide to hungry diners.

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