Taking on Your Biggest Pain Points? Grubhub Can Help with That

Looking to solve your restaurant’s biggest pain points?

Grubhub has the tools and services needed to do just that. From pumping up sales to simplifying delivery, Grubhub can improve your restaurant in more ways than one.

Grubhub’s on-demand delivery network helps solve staffing issues. Better yet, restaurants who join Grubhub see 6 times the growth in revenue annually versus restaurants who don’t.

Start boosting your business with a little help from Grubhub.

Pain point: Getting new customers

At Grubhub, we do all the marketing so you don’t have to. Leverage our online tools to target potential customers with special discounts and track how many of those customers take advantage of your offers. We offer what you need to reach (and keep) new customers.

Pain point: Responding to reviews

The sooner you respond to reviews, the better. More than half of all customers expect a response to their online review in 7 days or less.¹ Grubhub can raise the bar on customer satisfaction by asking customers specific questions about their orders and allowing you to address feedback within minutes.*

When it comes to typing out a response, keep a close eye on grammar and spelling while also mentioning a few details from the customer’s review. In addition to being specific, let customers know you care by thanking them for their feedback and outlining how it will help improve your restaurant moving forward.

Pain point: Maximizing your restaurant hours

Experiment with your hours, delivery fees and order minimums to drive business using Grubhub’s self-service tools. Whether you’re looking to decrease fees during the week or extend hours on the weekends, Grubhub helps you make the most of delivery.

See what works best by updating your restaurant’s pickup and delivery hours. With Grubhub, you can update whether your restaurant is open for business in just a few clicks.

Pain point: Simplifying your menu

Featuring images and detailed descriptions can clear up confusion surrounding your menu — and even drive sales. Around 50% of customers would be more likely to order an unfamiliar dish if an image of it was included.

Add either element to your menu using Grubhub and tack on a few specials to further entice potential customers. Since menu updates are reflected across multiple channels, you’ll also save plenty of time along the way.

Say goodbye to your most pressing pain points. Grubhub can help unlock your potential to increase revenue and serve up enhanced customer experiences. Get started today!

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¹National Restaurant Association

*This feature is only available to self-delivery restaurants.


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Choosing the Right POS for Your Restaurant

From tabletop tablets and online ordering, to mobile apps and self-service kiosks, technology is extremely important to restaurant customers.

Innovative point of sale (POS) solutions help you meet these expectations while also introducing added benefits to your business. In fact, nearly 90% of restaurant owners agree an upgraded POS can raise staff productivity and streamline business performance.¹

Not sure which POS is right for your restaurant? Start with these tips.

  • Set your budget. Before starting your search, determine your budget. Can’t put an exact number on it? Don’t sweat it. A general estimate is guaranteed to help speed up the process.
  • Identify pain points. Figure out what’s working in your restaurant’s existing POS system — and what’s not. From there, you can decide which POS capabilities will help fill the gaps.
  • Do a demo. You never know how a POS system will hold up until you test it. Getting up close and personal with your top choices may shed light on which is the best fit.

Looking for more guidance on selecting the right POS? Download “Making the Most of Your Restaurant’s POS” to learn how Grubhub’s POS integration can streamline your restaurant operations.

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¹Upgrading to a Next-Generation Restaurant POS System, Starfleet Media

Turning Around Negative Reviews To Boost Business

With 88% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, bad customer reviews may affect your restaurant’s business.

Convert those disgruntled customers into loyal patrons while boosting your business with these tips:

Take a Two-Pronged Approach

Monitor and manage online review sites regularly to resolve customer complaints on both public and private fronts.

  1. Public. Two leading reasons why customers write bad reviews are: to save others from the same negative experience, and to get an apology. Step up and offer a sincere apology to try wooing the customer back, and publicly prove you care about fixing the situation.
  2. Private. Take the conversation offline with the reviewer to address their specific concerns. Thank them for their input and explain how you are resolving their issue.Invite them to return so you can ensure their return visit is positive.

If all goes well, the reviewer might post a retraction. At the very least, you’ll be increasing direct engagement with reviews—which can “increase positive online sentiment” by 25% (eMarketer).

Choose Your Words Wisely

One poor experience can leave customers feeling cheated or disrespected. When dealing with disgruntled customers, your words and tones matter.

Be Honest. Own up to any mistakes. Try to offer solutions, not excuses. Always be specific to their individual issue. Avoid using cliché apologizes that deflect responsibility such as, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Be Empathetic. Sometimes dissatisfaction stems from a policy or price point. Try to clarify your position but put yourself in the customer’s shoes to demonstrate you understand their feelings.

Be Diplomatic. It’s hard to be genial when someone is publicly criticizing you. But remember, grace under fire can often deflate an angry customer—and displays professionalism.

Go The Extra Mile

Experts in service recovery believe that the combination of apologizing and offering some sort of reparation yields the best results:

Refunds. Sometimes reviewers feel entitled to a refund. While this is not always appropriate, there are instances—such as errors in delivery orders—where refunding makes sense.

Freebies. To incentivize diners to give your restaurants another shot, sometimes a free appetizer, discount or promo code through Grubhub can do the trick.

Be Prompt…and Proactive

Studies show that responding promptly to negative reviews and experiences is critical:

Respond promptly: More than half of consumers that post a review/feedback expect a response within 7 days. Grubhub enables restaurants to do just that—even sooner. Just be sure to wait until you’ve had a chance to assess the situation and think about how best to reply.

Be Consistent: Respond promptly to good reviews also! This encourages more reviews which can increase your star rating (each star added can increase sales by 5-9%).

Simplify It: Make it easy for people leave review via social media. Also, Grubhub’s new ratings and review system allows customers to share and feedback, while giving restaurants helpful customer insight.

A bad review can be a gift in disguise—cluing you in on what 26 other customers may be experiencing silently!

Take advantage of the PR opportunity in front of you to not only win back these customers, but position your brand as a customer service champ.

Takeaway: Check out some examples of good responses to common customer reviews.

Image: Flickr