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Looking for a sure-fire way to win the attention of Grubhub customers and improve the online ordering experience? Try adding a few images to your restaurant’s menu through the Grubhub for Restaurants platform. Including photos can increase sales of menu items by up to 30 percent – and it’s easy to see why.

From improving order accuracy to giving customers a better idea of what to expect, images can help deliver an online ordering experience that customers are hungry for.

Greater menu familiarity – While new and exotic dishes are guaranteed to spark curiosity, they likely won’t be a top choice among customers who don’t know what’s in them. Clear up any confusion about dishes on your restaurant’s menu by including images wherever possible.

Quicker online ordering – Use images to show, not just tell, customers about your restaurant’s offerings. Supplementing menu descriptions with appetizing images that can capture the hearts – and stomachs – of customers in just seconds will reduce the time it takes for them to place online orders.

Higher order accuracy – In addition to providing customers a snapshot of what a dish might look like once it finally arrives, images also give back-of-house staff members a visual guide for putting orders together. By taking a few seconds to compare the image on your restaurant’s menu with the finished product, your staff can ensure no detail – big or small – is overlooked.

Right about now you may be asking yourself, “If photos of my restaurant’s food are so important, then what’s the best way to take them?”

Good news: We’re here to help.

Start off by getting your hands on a high-quality camera that can take in-focus shots of your restaurant’s menu items. No camera? No problem. Many smartphones on the market today come equipped with high-quality cameras that can also get the job done. Next, stock up on white plates that will showcase the natural colors of your ingredients. Since natural light can help do the same, consider conducting each of your photoshoots near windows.

Once you’ve taken those mouth-watering images, upload and manage them by logging into your Grubhub for Restaurants account here.

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