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How LA’s Delphi Greek is building community– one homemade dish at a time.

When Roozbeh Farahanipour first immigrated to America 21 years ago, he found work in restaurants throughout LA. In 2009, Roozbeh purchased his first restaurant, Delphi Greek, and worked to turn the restaurant into the heartbeat of the Westwood, California community.

“When I took over the restaurant, I upgraded the interior design and worked very hard to train my staff properly.” Roozbeh explained, “I tried to make my menu authentic by making sure everything was homemade.”

All of that hard work has paid off.

Today, Delphi Greek offers comfort and warmth to a loyal customer base. Local senior citizens visit daily to enjoy homemade Greek pastries Roozebeh’s wife, Chef Rana, bakes every day. In between classes, students from UCLA flock to the restaurant to refuel with Delphi Greek’s famous gyro sandwiches, made with homemade pita and served with french fries inside of the sandwich and fresh tzatziki.

Roozbeh is passionate about his dishes, his robust wine menu, and even the shark tank he has installed inside his restaurant so that his patrons feel as though they are dining near the Gulf of Corinth.

But he is most passionate about his customers and dedicated staff. “At Delphi Greek, all of my staff and all of my customers are a part of my family.” He said.

According to Roozbeh, 90% of his customers are loyal customers who visit his restaurant multiple times a week. “I have a customer that comes in six days a week to eat the same salad and customers who have ordered from me through Grubhub for over ten years.” He explained. “Knowing that I am feeding hungry people is a great feeling.”

Bringing Greek comfort food home

Roozbeh always knew that delivery would be an essential part of his business model, which is why he was one of the first restaurants in Los Angeles to join Grubhub.

Over the years, Delphi Greek has worked with every 3rd party delivery app, but Grubhub continues to stand out amongst the competition. “I work with all the 3rd party platforms, but with Grubhub, I feel as though I have a true partnership.”

Roozbeh credits that partnership to his dedicated Account Advisor, who is available day or night to help him find the most success on the Grubhub platform. “My Account Advisor is like my restaurant manager. She is part of my staff.” He explained, “I will send a message late at night, and she always responds immediately, even if it is outside of her working hours.”

I learn from Grubhub every day, and Grubhub learns from me


Driving order growth with Grubhub Promotions

In addition to finding success with Grubhub’s delivery logistics, Delphi Greek has also reached more customers and built loyalty by tapping into Grubhub’s powerful promotional tools.

Roozbeh uses Grubhub’s Promotion and Loyalty tools to help him achieve a specific business goal, such as attracting new customers, bringing back repeat customers, or increasing the size of his orders. >

Between June 2020 and October 2020, Delphi Greek ran targeted Promotions on Grubhub. Through these programs, Delphi Greek saw:

  • +23% increase in the share of orders that were $40* 
  • +10% increase in average order size.*
  • +15% increase in average monthly orders*

“The promotions I run on Grubhub are very successful for me.” Said Roozbeh, “If I need to reach more customers or increase my order size, I’ll run a promotion.”

Looking toward the future with Grubhub

As Roozbeh looks to the future of his restaurant and the restaurant industry, he knows that innovation and success lie in technology. “If you are not going to grow with technology, you are not going to find success.”

Roozbeh trusts Grubhub and his Account Advisor to offer him the latest restaurant technology to help him grow his business. And while he knows that challenges face small businesses every day, he knows he has a true business partner in his corner, with Grubhub.

My Account Advisor is my digital restaurant manager.


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Grubhub Marketplace
  • Where 33+ million diners search for their next meal


  • +23% increase in the share of orders that were $40*
  • +10% increase in average order size.*
  • +15% increase in average monthly orders*