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When you partner with Grubhub, you can expect a boost to your orders and may not even need to increase your fixed costs. Try our calculator to see for yourself what Grubhub could do for your business.*

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Projected Monthly Incremental Profit

The Breakdown Monthly Yearly
Projected Monthly Incremental Revenue
Marketing fee
Delivery fee
Processing fee
($0.30 + 3.05%)
Food Cost
Additional Staff
Additional Overhead
Projected Incremental net profit

Many restaurants can see an increase in revenue and profit with minimal increases in fixed costs — please check that you’ve completed all fields correctly. If you still have questions, contact our Sales team at 877-805-5081.

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When restaurants partner with Grubhub, they can often expect increased revenue without substantial increases to their fixed costs. Try our profit calculator to see for yourself what joining Grubhub could mean for your business. By adding delivery services and joining our marketplace, you can get more orders and more profits.

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*The incremental sales profits calculated here are simplified estimates only and not guaranteed results. Many factors not reflected here will influence profits and individual restaurant performance.

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