Why Grubhub?

  • More orders After joining Grubhub, restaurants' takeout order volume increases by an average of 30% annually. Learn more
  • Save money on staffing and inventory A complete picture of your orders enables you to more accurately plan.
  • Save time on menu updates Update your menu on your POS system, and it automatically updates on Grubhub.
  • Better visibility into your business Balance the books and manage tips more easily with consolidated financials.
  • Smoother restaurant operations Your staff can focus on delivering delicious food rather than taking orders.
  • Fewer devices in your space Manage Grubhub orders directly from your restaurant POS system.

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Time For a POS Integration? Don't Forget These To-Dos

Discover the secret ingredients to a smooth and seamless integration:

  • The benefits of POS integrations
  • Tips to consider before integrating
  • Grubhub’s industry-leading POS integration
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