Restaurant working fulfilling a Grubhub delivery order through their Clover POS

Grubhub is now fully integrated with Clover!

Clover and Grubhub have partnered to integrate online orders! Learn more about this partnership and how it can help you optimize your restaurant operations. 

Clover and Grubhub have partnered to integrate online orders with your Point of Sale device. No more need for tablets that clutter your countertops, or other ways to track your incoming orders. You can support in-store pickup, scheduled orders, and Grubhub delivery.

Existing Grubhub restaurants can easily enable this integration within the Clover dashboard. Additionally, and for the first time ever, restaurants that are not currently listed on Grubhub can sign up for a 60 day free trial through a special Clover onboarding process.

The online menu that you set up in Clover will be used for your Grubhub menu. Any changes you make to this Clover online menu will be reflected on your Grubhub site

Click here to learn how to set up your online menu on Clover POS’ help page. For more information on POS setup, please check out Clover POS’ Help Center Article.

Benefits to POS Integration

  • No more fumbling with tablets!
  • Fewer human errors
  • Simplified order throughput

  • Minimal employee training
  • Better menu management
  • Easy onboarding through Clover POS

How to Sign Up

Existing Grubhub restaurants can sign up through your Clover Online Ordering dashboard!

  1. Log in to the Web Dashboard.
  2. Select Account & Setup.
  3. Under Business Operations, select Online Ordering.
  4. Under Grubhub, select “Get started”

  1. Read about how it works, and click Continue
  2. You’ll be asked to link your Grubhub URL. It should look like this: ID) (Example: Cust ID 123456 = )

Your CustID can be located at the top of your Grubhub for restaurants account Dashboard, or by contacting Grubhub Restaurant Care at (877) 799 0790.

New Grubhub restaurants can sign-up through Clover Online Ordering dashboard and receive a 60 day free trial!

  1. Select Account & Setup.
  2. Under Business Operations, select Online Ordering.
  3. Under Grubhub, select Get started.
  4. Read about how it works, then select Continue.
  5. Click Sign up.

You’ll be guided to fill out the form below. Once you submit this, a Grubhub representative will quickly reach out to you to finish the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does a restaurant contact if a store is having technical issues related to their Clover POS integration?

If a brand has any issues with the integration they can contact the Grubhub SMB POS team by:

  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Phone:  (617) 870-0253.  The caller is presented with the following message

‘Thank you for calling Grubhub POS Integrations Support. If you are having an issue with your current integration, please leave a voicemail with a brief description of the issue, your restaurant name, address and account number and we will return your call shortly.’

Where can existing restaurants go to sign-up for the Grubhub integration?

 Please go to Clover dashboard and select ‘Get Started’.

You will be guided through the process of linking your Grubhub URL to Clover POS. More information on how to sign up can be found in Clover’s Help Center.  

If a restaurant is not currently a Grubhub customer but is using Clover for POS, what should they do?

Please go to Clover dashboard, and select select ‘Get Started’. You will be guided through the process of opting in through Clover, and a Grubhub representative will reach out to directly to the restaurant and activate them on our marketplace and enabled on the integration.

More information on how to sign up can be found within Clover’s Help Center. 

How often are menus updated?

For existing Grubhub merchants, Grubhub will replace their current menu with Clover online menu as part of the merchant onboarding process. For net-new Grubhub merchants, Grubhub will use the merchants Clover online menu for the Grubhub listing as part of the onboarding process.

Once onboarding is complete, any changes on the Clover OLO menu is instantly updated on the Grubhub menu. 

In addition, Grubhub pulls the menu from Clover daily.  The imports usually start around 3am local time and are processed instantly. Additional menu refreshes can be scheduled upon request.

If I want menu item images on my Grubhub menu, can that be done?

Clover now supports sending Grubhub images! To add images to items, you’ll need to add them in Clover’s Merchant portal.  Navigate to Inventory.  Select the item they want to add an image to. Then upload. Grubhub will then receive the images via integration.

When a brand moves from tablet to POS integration, how does their data change?

There are many differences in how the data is provided but the end result is the same, a great menu presented in the marketplace.  Here are some differences:

  • Search and Store Header Images remain from the tablet.  These images must be updated by Grubhub.
  • The Clover POS sends:
    • Menu Sections.
    • Items.
    • Item Descriptions.
    • Item Modifiers.
    • Item and modifier prices

Does the Grubhub Clover Integration support 86’ing items?

 Yes, if an order fails due to an unavailable item, Grubhub identifies the issue and refreshes the menu. In addition, when an item is made unavailable in the Clover POS, Grubhub gets notified and takes action accordingly in real-time. 

Does the Grubhub Clover Integration support loyalty and rewards?

Yes Clover integration does support loyalty and rewards. 

  • Corporate Funded Loyalty (Smart promotions) are available to restaurants on Clover integration.  Diner will see the promo applied at check-out and the corporate entity will be invoiced at the end of each month for total redeemed rewards. This promo will not be shown in the Clover point-of-sale.
  • Restaurant Funded Loyalty is supported, when configured to accept the proper promotion/discount on the point-of-sale. This promotion will need to be setup in Grubhub 

Does the Grubhub Clover Integration support Grubhub Delivery & Self Delivery?

Yes.  Both approaches are supported as part of the standard integration.  

Does the Grubhub Clover integration support the sale of alcohol on the menu?

No, not at this time.  

  • If a restaurant is in a geography where it is legal to sell alcohol and the restaurant  wishes to do so, Grubhub may be able to support their needs via the Grubhub for Restaurants tablet.  Please verify with the appropriate teams.
  • At this time, if a restaurant moves forward with a POS integration and the menu contains alcohol then the items will be removed.
  • We are working to build support for alcohol for Clover pos-integrated menus.  Once available we will alert the account teams.

Does Clover send an update to Grubhub stating that the food is ready for the driver to pickup?

Yes, Grubhub is aware of food ready times directly from the Clover POS.

Currently this is supported by a food prep lead time (a static fixed time set up by the merchant on Clover) that GH can use to determine how long the merchant would take to prepare the food.

Can the restaurant cancel or adjust the order via their POS and have Grubhub updated via integration?

No, not at this time.  The restaurant merchant can cancel the order in Clover POS, but it will not impact the Grubhub order.  The restaurant associate will either need to call Grubhub Care or use Grubhub for Restaurant web features to perform order cancellations and/or adjustments.

How do subtotal and estimated tax adjustments impact stores using POS integration?

The Grubhub integration for Clover updates/syncs menu items and prices on a daily basis.  If there is a temporary period of time where the two system’s prices are out of sync or there is a difference in how the two systems calculate tax, Grubhub will automatically perform auto adjustments to account for pricing or tax differences.

How do market facilitator laws work with Grubhub’s POS integration?

 In many states the law requires Grubhub to withhold and remit F&B taxes on behalf of the restaurant.  For a given order, Grubhub:

  • Deposits the F&B funds to the restaurant.
  • Withholds the F&B tax, and when appropriate submits the funds to the proper authority.

Grubhub’s order integration with Clover sends both the F&B subtotal and F&B tax to the POS.  The restaurant must work with their tax professionals to properly submit taxes based on a given state’s tax law.

Does Grubhub charge the restaurant for the Clover POS integration?

No, not at this time.

Why do I see “Tax Adjustments” in my financial reports?

 Grubhub uses the following approach:

  • Clover provides item-level tax data via the menu integration.
  • Grubhub used the item level tax and the merchant tax rate (configured in Kitchen) to estimate the taxes presented to the diner.
  • When Grubhub sends the order to Clover, Clover calculates the tax and responds with any sub-total and/or tax adjustments.
  • Any change identified by Clover are represented as an adjustment to the order and the diner is appropriately refunded or charged as needed.
  • The adjustment is reflected in Grubhub for Restaurant’s financial reporting as an adjustment.

If you see differences consider the following:

  1. There are regions of the country that have implemented tax rules that are not directly supported by GH’s tax engine.  In this case, the process described above is used to properly account for these complex rules and the system is working properly.
  2. If the adjustment is related to improper data or a configuration issue then you must identify the difference and update the values as needed.  Areas to review/verify include:  Clover tax rates, any regional rules applied by the POS, item prices / fees, and Merchant Tax rates.

How does GH handle tax remittance?

Restaurant will provide to GH accurate and complete sales tax rates and/or computations (including, without limitation, any applicable state and local taxes) applicable to menu items and will provide reasonable advance notice to GH of any required changes to such rates and/or computations. Restaurant will report and remit all sales tax collected through the Systems to the applicable taxing authorities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, GH will report and remit sales tax collected on orders through the GH Systems to applicable taxing authorities if Restaurant is located in: CO, D.C., FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL (Effective 1/1/21), IN, KY, MD, ME, MI, NC, ND, NE, NM, NV (Effective 12/1/20), OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, VT, WA, WI, WV, or WY. For information on whether GH will report and remit sales tax for Restaurant pursuant to the foregoing, visit Updates to GH tax reporting and remitting practices may be made upon written notice to Restaurant (email sufficient)