Tips For Keeping Staff Turnover To A Minimum

Although turnover has been decreasing in recent years, it’s still an important concern and major expense for restaurant owners.

By implementing the following best practices, you can attract and retain the best employees.

Look For A Good Fit

You can begin to minimize employee turnover starting with the hiring process. If you attract employees that are already a good match with your restaurant, you’ll have a head start on keeping them happy and satisfied.

  • Use Your Contacts.  Ask employees, friends, and others whose opinions you value for recommendations. These trusted “recruiters” can bring already-endorsed candidates to the table and widen your talent pool.
  • Hire Trainable Personalities. If someone is lacking experience yet has an agreeable personality, don’t automatically discard them. Employees who take direction well and want to learn often turn out to be very valuable and loyal.
  • Seize The Opportunity. When reviewing candidates, try to make room for a highly talented and versatile person—even if there is no position available at that time. Getting a star on your roster is more beneficial to your business than losing that person to your competition.
  • Establish A Wish List. Make sure your managers are on board with the qualities, skills, experience and characteristics that are important for each new hire. Also, determine a standard process and list of questions so that all interviews are conducted consistently.

Learn What Makes Your Employees Happy

One of the best ways to keep your staff engaged and motivated is to get them involved in certain decisions that impact their jobs.

Asking for employee feedback periodically is a win-win for everyone. You gain insight to help prevent problems and make informed decisions, while your employees feel valued and respected. The end result yields a deeper bond and sense of loyalty.

  • Ask For Their Opinion. Use surveys to ask specifics regarding what they like about their jobs, and what they’d like to change. Keep comments confidential in order to encourage participation and receive honest feedback.
  • Consider Their Feedback. Are any suggestions for change valid? Can you make any accommodations without compromising quality and efficiency in your business? Be sure to offer clear explanations on policies for those things you can’t change.
  • Express Your Appreciation. Above all, let them know you value them: their opinions, their talents, and their contribution to the team.

Maintain A Supportive Work Environment

By 2025, millennials are predicted to become three-fourths of the workforce. Restauranteurs that provide the work-life balance this unique group craves will be able to retain more employees and hold a distinct advantage over the competition who may not.

  • Accommodate Schedules When Possible. Strive to be as flexible and understanding as possible when an employee has something come up unexpectedly. As long as it’s not a habit, try to modify or accommodate their schedule to help them out. Many Grubhub restaurants use centralized scheduling hubs to post and update schedules and allow employees to uniformly request time off and collaborate on shift coverage.
  • Get Creative With Training. Millennials place high emphasis on company training programs. Make on-going development a priority by using videos and other training technology, holding weekly training “huddles,” establishing cross-staff mentorship, and incentivizing employee improvements.  
  • Make Investments In Your Staff. Pay is definitely a factor in an employee’s level of satisfaction and pay should be linked to performance. By “investing” in your valued employees, you are sure to get a return on that investment through their hard work, loyalty, and the value they bring to your restaurant.

These methods of finding and valuing employees will help decrease turnover and build your reputation as a great employer—which then attracts more great employees.


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